I’ve always wondered why Spoon Sports has two different liveries so I went on Instagram Stories to find out for you.

If you’ve wondered why there are two different liveries for Spoon Sports cars, their iconic yellow and blue livery and a plain white one, I finally have an answer. When I saw that Spoon Sports USA on Instagram was asking questions on Instagram, I went ahead and asked them this exact thought. Here ya go.

Which totally makes sense now that I think about it. I’ve only ever seen their blue and yellow livery (official livery that is) on race cars. Sure, I’ve seen some tribute builds from Honda fans here in the United States and around the world with that infamous blue and yellow livery, but those aren’t exactly official Spoon Sports race cars. I even wonder if they know what that livery even means?!

Check out this video from 2009 when Spoon Sports six official Spoon Sports racecars on American soil doing their thing, racing. It’s an old video but I like to share it since it’s not from their official HQ in Japan and it’s my site so I can embed what I want! Dope video nonetheless.

In doing a little research on this iconic livery, I did find out some rather sobering news. It’s that, according to The Narita Dogfight, Spoon has all but discontinued this iconic livery since 2012 when they entered their Spoon S2000 endurance racer to….well race.

If this is true, that means Spoon low-key might not return to racing actively in Japan at least?

In my opinion, Honda is entering a new era of turbocharging led by their widely successful 10th gen Civic and new NSX among other cars in their lineup. Although they’ve dabbled with turbocharging in other chassis, I would LOVE to see them make a racecar out of the new Civic and NSX. That would require adorning that body with their blue and yellow livery!

Perhaps Spoon Sports has another livery up their sleeves. Nevertheless, parts are still being made for Honda’s newer stuff so that’s good news at least.

Keep our page bookmarked as if their’s any news on Spoon Sport’s new livery, I’ll be sure to let y’all know!


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