These crazy Canadians are already unlocking the potential of the Tesla Model 3 and this one’s already faster than a BMW M3.

We know the Tesla Model 3 is fast thanks to the nature of electric motors but how fast is it really? According to Mountain Pass Performance, an electric tuning shop in Canada, thanks to the development they’ve done to their shop Tesla Model 3, they’ve already made it quicker than a BMW E90 M3 around a racetrack. Don’t believe me? Check out the official video from Mountain Pass Performance below.

Mountain Pass Performance took their Tesla Model 3, which is modified with a new suspension, wheels, tires, and a software upgrade to defeat Electronic Stability Control and the Traction Control system (both which kill lap times by throttling power and applying brakes) to a local race track to see just how fast they could whip their development vehicle around 1.86 mile course.

According to the Canadian Sports Compact Series, the Toronto Motorsports Park, Cayuga has a Production RWD lap record of 1:20.309 set last year in a similarly modified E90 BMW M3.

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If we’re looking at the tale of the tape the M3 boasts instantaneous NA power thanks to either a 414 HP and 300 lb-ft or 444 HP and 320 lb-ft powerplant depending on what motor you have under the hood. In a package that weighs 3,649 pounds overall, it’s an impressive power to weight ratio, no doubt.

On the other hand, the Tesla Model 3, in its RWD single motor form, has an electric motor that can whip out 211 HP and 307 lb-ft with a final weight of around 3,550 pounds, comparable to the M3.

But thanks to its near 50:50 weight distribution, the nature of power delivery from electric motors, and all that battery weight down low, these Tesla Model 3’s are low-key track monsters as illustrated by Mountain Pass Performance.

In all honesty, given a longer track, the BMW M3 would’ve dusted the Model 3, but that’s a different story.

Keep in mind that Tesla hasn’t released its dual-motor Model 3 yet which obviously has way more HP and torque to the tune of 283 HP and 471 lb-ft.

Tuning on these electric cars has just begun, mainstream tunning that is. And if this kind of performance is signs of things to come, the future looks bright for people who want to just drive fast.


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