Believe it or not, the Honda S2000 and Honda HR-V share one surprisingly similar design element that was done on purpose.

Although the Honda HR-V crossover might be the farthest thing from a two-door sports car, Honda did crib a design element from the Honda S2000 and specifically integrated it into the interior of the Honda HR-V. According to Honda’s official research paper site, the Honda HR-V and Honda S2000 both share the same center console height with the S2000. I reckon if you whipped out a ruler and measured both center console heights, they’d be exactly the same.

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HR-V interior
HR-V Interior

Here’s a screenshot of that research paper below!


 The height of the console was set to be the same as that of the S2000, a sports car representative of Honda passenger standard terms. This height evokes a sense of separation such as one might have in a business class seat. The layout also provides the greatest possible couple distance for the body framework in order to give the driver and front passenger a comfortable sense of distance.

Honda put a lot of thought into making their HR-V interior as spacious as possible affording each passenger a sense of freedom given the size limitations. I haven’t sat in an HR-V but I have sat inside a Honda S2000 and let me tell you, its cramped in there. I did notice a distinct division between passenger and driver that’s most welcome in such a small space, you need to feel like you have your own bit of space. I imagine it’s a similar feeling in the HR-V albeit a little bigger and with a more commanding sense of the road.

Space aside, this high deck center console also looks great with its soft s-shaped curve, opening up a little charging compartment underneath the shifter. Also, with a higher center console, you can stuff taller drinks in those cup holders. It’s a case of form following function.

So there you have it, the next time you’re in an HR-V, you can impress your friends with this bit of useless Honda bar trivia.


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