Richard Rawlings did his best to win the crowd over during the celebrity drag races but ended up slamming into a k-rail.

During the celebrity drag races at the fourth annual Roadkill Nights held next to the Pontiac Silverdome earlier yesterday (Aug 12, 2018), Fast and Loud host Richard Rawlings slammed into a k-rail while drag racing against NHRA Top Fuel drag racer Leah Prichett. Check out the burnout turned into crash thanks to Richard Rawlings himself below.

It looks like Richard Rawlings wasn’t even taking the drag race seriously to be honest. Richard Rawlings is known for a lot of things but being a master behind the wheel probably isn’t one of them. When you pull straws and are paired to drag race against arguably one of the fastest people in drag racing at the moment, period, you either prepare to lose or at least give the people a show. Rawlings chose the latter.

Of course, doing a rolling burnout down the length of the 1/8th mile track is a risk in and of itself so you bet he had a hard time controlling the 707 HP supercharged Hellcat in such a narrow track. According to Rawlings in his post-race interview,

I felt great. I felt like I was in the lane. I felt like I was getting a little out of the lane when I hit the wall but I was good. I was so far behind at the time I figuered why not give the crowd something.

Leah Prichett hit the nail on the head when she said commenting on the crash,

It’s going to be great for social, it’s going to be great for Dodge…except that right there *pointing to the huge scuff mark on the front of Rawling’s Hellcat.*

Surprisingly, if you scroll through the first Instagram post above, his Hellcat didn’t receive that much cosmetic damage. I thought it was going to be a lot worse. The steering rack and suspension might be another story.

No offense to Roadkill or these Roadkill Nights but honestly I didn’t even know these were still a thing until Rawling’s crash. It’s almost as if Rawlings planned this whole thing to boost a bit of PR for the Dodge event.

Probably not.

It got us talking about it, right?



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