This relatively clean 1985 Honda City R with matching Motocompo showed up on Bring A Trailer and its got all the fanboys going HARD.

A “No Reserve” auction for a Japanese Kei car that ALSO has a matching OEM gas-powered scooter you can fit in the trunk is a recipe for auction magic. As per Bring A Trailer on their latest Japanse listing earlier today (Sept. 11, 2018) this 1985 Honda City R with matching Motocompo is generating quite the buzz on social media and on the site itself. Just hours after posting, this listing already has more than 13 bids and it’s up to $7,500. Check out a couple photos of the listing below.

Now, don’t let this marvel of engineering, the Motocompo, fool you into placing a bid on this quirky little Honda Kei car. Don’t get me wrong, the overall package is pretty sweet and is probably everything you want in a Kei car experience. But, a little research will tell you that this isn’t the Honda City for you.

According to the listing, this is a regular R version. Albeit it’s the more sporty version with the interesting Hypershift transmission, a four-speed with an electronically controlled overdrive on second, third, and fourth gears, no further modifications were done to the engine so power remained the same at an uninspiring 62 HP and 72 lb-ft. If you’re happy with a 0-60 time of 12 seconds and a top speed of 87 MPH, go ahead and bid!

But, there’s another Honda City that you WILL want to save your money for, one that’s been touched by the son of Soichiro Honda and the founder of Mugen, Honda’s unofficial tuning arm, the Mighty Honda City Turbo and Honda City Turbo II. The former introduced a turbocharger that pumped power up to 110 HP and 118 lb-ft. In a kei-car that weighed a hair above 1,500 pounds, that’s practically half the weight of a Honda Civic. it’s fast.

The regular Honda City like the one on BAT had regular spings while the City Turbo II used progressive rate coil springs plus sway bars front and rear. You have vented discs up front and solid discs out back. Top speed now is at 112 MPH. And did I mention factory box flares? Ya, they called this Honda City Turbo II a bulldog for a reason, it looked like one when viewed from the front.

The Bring A Trailer Honda City R is cool but hold out for a Honda City Turbo II. They’re out their.


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