The BMW M2, the purists BMW, is about to get even hotter with a M2 CS on the way, hotter than the M2 Competition.

While arguably the epitome of the BMW lineup is the BMW M3, its size and heft have purists yearning for something more agile and easier to park from their M2 lineup. As per BMW Blog on their exclusive report on a hotter M2 on the way they put out earlier this week (Oct. 12, 2018) BMW is working on a BMW M2 CS which should be faster, lighter, and more powerful than the M2 competition making it the best M2 since the lineups début.

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Insiders in BMW were spurred on to spill the beans when an M2 test mule was spotted hotlapping at the Nurburgring earlier this year. Featuring an extensive use of aggressive aero from BMW’s M performance catalog, journalists saw this as a sign that BMW is making an even sharper BMW M2, more than the M2 Competition ever did with more power and extra bracing.

While the M2 competition is still quite the beast with 405 HP and 406 lb-ft, at its heaviest, the M2 weighs in at a hefty 3655 pounds, approaching its bigger BMW M3 brother.

As BMW Blog predicts, this M2 CS will seriously strip weight in order to make a lighter, more nimble M2, but, not so much where it would garner a CS(L) badge.

While some think that BMW can’t eke out more power from the S55, already 40 more HP than a stock M2, I think BMW can swap in an even more aggressive turbo with the right ECU tuning that can get the BMW M2 close to M3 levels of power without going over. That’s why I estimate a final power number around 425 HP and close to the same amount of torque.

Expect BMW to make only a handful of these BMW M2 CS’s and tack on another $20,00 for that exclusivity. Production starts March 2020 so expect a début later next year with all the hoopla and fanfare this special M2 deserves.


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