It looks like you’ll be able to upgrade your rides in FR Legends with some OG aero kits that made its name in drifting, 326Power Style.

Be me, looking through my Instagram feed when I see a new Instagram Story from FR Legends. As per FR Legends and their post earlier today (Nov. 16, 2018) it looks like they’ll be collaborating with Japan’s drifting tuner house 326Power in a collab that should see some of their aero kits transfer from real life into the game.


What is 326Power you might ask? Well, I’m not going to pretend to know everything about this niche aero and suspension company but I do know they are legit. When I used to make amateur drifting edits for the local Northern California drift scene, I’ve come across 326Power more than once be it their aero kits or coilovers.

Norcal drifter turned Professional Formula D driver Matt Field certainly tried his best to incorporate some 326Power aero on his Corvette as an homage to his earlier drift cars that rocked those kits, but from what I’ve seen as of late, perhaps the downforce wasn’t helping him initiate and I’ve yet to see his ‘Vette with a 326Power wing in its final form.

If you’d like to read more about this legendary company that cut its teeth in the early days of drifting, please read Aaron Mai’s excellent piece here. 

Basically, before 326Power, drift builds in Japan lacked that steeze, that je ne sais quoi that we associate with Japan drifting today. Drift cars were functional but they lacked style. Enter 326Power and his infamous yellow RX-7 (see cover photo) and the drifting scene changed forever. Like the drifts that they initiate, all their aero is both quintessential 326Power yet functional. Here are a couple videos showing you what 326Power is all about.

It’s one thing to see aero parts, dampers, and the like at your local drift event but when they start showing up in your favorite app, now that’s what I call good marketing.

I look forward to what they come up with presumably in the coming months.


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