Here’s the van and wheel combo you didn’t think you’d need.

With so many cars made in the 90’s with a 5×114 lug pattern, combos like this are bound to happen. But this combo is kindof rare in the United States and you can say was 25 years in the making. After a bit of browsing around on Craigslist earlier this year (Jan 1, 2019) I came across this van and wheel combo that strangely comes together quite nicely, a first gen Honda Odyssey with R32 Nissan GT-R wheels.

Check out the amazing combination in the album of photos below!


A quick search online reveals that both have the same 5xx114.3 lug pattern although they sport different wheel and tire sizes, obviously.

The Honda Odyssey comes stock, in 1996, with a 6×15 wheel and a +45 offset wrapped in 205/65/15 tires which is quite sporty for the time.

In comparison, Godzilla, the R32 Nissan GT-R comes stock with a 8×17 wheel and a +30 offset mounted on a set of 225/50/17 tires.

If you plug those specs into it looks like the GT-R wheels poke out just a tad as illustrated by the photos above.

 …this new wheel will have an inner rim which is 10.4mm closer to the suspension strut. The outer rim will poke out 40.4mm more than before.

When viewed from the side, you can see that .4 cm poke which gives this Honda Odyssey a Mexi-flush fitment. You can google that term to see what I mean. But, it doesn’t look bad at all!

You can check out the Craigslist ad here but just in case it’s deleted, it’s selling for the reasonable price of $2,500 and comes with JDM goodies like,

H&R Springs, Ultra Racing chassis braces, FEELS Twin Cam front strut bar, and alarm.

Supposedly the engine is rebuilt but with no way for someone to confirm that without tearing open the engine, total mileage on the chassis sits at a whopping 270,000 and some change. But hey, it’s a Honda!

Source: Craigslist


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