Would you throw $100,000 into the ocean because Jesus told you? This Florida man did.

Sure, you’ve gone to a Cars and Coffee, seen lots of very shiny Ferraris, heard them rev their engines, and maybe seen one burnout in front of you. But have you seen a “pristine” Ferrari 360 under water? Allow the Palm Beach Fire Rescue team regale you with their underwater rescue photos of a blue Ferrari 360 from earlier in 2018. In addition, earlier today (Jan. 16,2019) the Ledger dropped an update on the story, one that’s hard to believe. According to the driver of that Ferrari, “Jesus told him to drive off the pier.

Whether or not this man is on something, he’s provided the internet with arguably the first underwater Ferrari 360 photo shoot. Check out the photos for yourself below.

Underwater rescue teams are some of the hardest working men and women in local law enforcement, training for situations they never thought possible. Surely, when they got the call that a Ferrari was stuck underwater, this would be a first for them. Cars get pulled out of the water all the time but an exotic is a next level tow job.

According to the report I mentioned earlier, police initially told this Ferrari 360 owner that he could not park on a dock where he claimed he was waiting for a friend. Initially complying by reversing out of the pier, police witnessed the man throw it into drive as he catapulted his Ferrari 360 into the water.

After reaching shore, Mucciaccio walked back to the officer, police said, and said Jesus told him to drive off the dock “and into a 6-foot window.” Mucciaccio also told police, “Money is going to be irrelevant in two days; remember to smile,” according to the report.

A quick search online on Autotrader shows that used Ferrari 360’s aren’t exactly cheap, with the most expensive ones well over six-figures.

My opinion is that Ferrari 360 owner was having a particularly bad day, decided to drive down to the pier to cool off, and didn’t particularly like it when police told him to drive off. This whole Jesus business is just hogwash, the man has a temper, and he’ll have to pay for damages whether he wants to or not.

Keep your cool, people.

Source: The Ledger


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