This Fox body Mustang takes the honors for setting an unofficial auction record for Fox body’s.

If you want definitive proof that the era of Rad is here, that those Integra Type R’s selling for $68,000 and up are no fluke, and that classic muscle cars of the 60’s and 70’s don’t have the same pull as they did a couple years ago, this Fox-body Mustang is definitely it. According to one of the latest auctions during Barrett-Jackson’s  Scottsdale, AZ event earlier today (Jan. 17,2018) several Mustangs drove onto the auction block but this Mustang fetched six-figures and then some. A 1993 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R in Vibrant Red (the only color FOR Cobra R’s of this year) sold for $132,000. You read that right, $132,000 breaking the only Foxbody record I know of, a convertible that sold for $82,500, by thousands.

Check out a couple of photos of this rare pony car below.

The SVT Cobra, not to mention the SVT Cobra R, is a special Mustang to say the least. This was SVT’s first production car where they really got to flex their muscle. Under the hood of SVT Cobras was a Windsor V8 with a generous 235 HP and 280 lb-ft. Road and Track got those SVT Cobras through 60 MPH in just 5.9 seconds. Improvements were also made to the five-speed manual, suspension, and exterior styling. According to Mustang Heaven, close to 5,000 SVT Mustang Cobras for 1993 were made.

But, it was the SVT Cobra R which collectors seek, only 107 were ever made. All came in red and I’ll let Barrett-Jackson’s listing say the rest.

The R (factory race model) was limited to just 107 units, this example being #11. Ford used several super-high-performance options along with several factory delete items, leaving the R model in a category of its own; however, it was only offered to licensed racers.

Top Speed was a brisk 140 MPH and 60 MPH took just 5.7 seconds.

This particular Cobra R was only on its second owner and has 500 miles on the clock where, unfortunately, it’s most likely to stay as the market for these rad cars only rises.

Follow the link I’ve posted above for official photos but I’ve also included two photos, one of the interior and one of the engine bay below. Absolutely mint.

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With dozens of Cobra R’s out there, perhaps with even fewer miles, who knows how high Fox body Mustangs will get. For now, $132,000 is the mark to beat.

Source: Barrett-Jackson


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