This real deal London Taxi that, at one point, probably saw some real work before being used by pornography website Fake Taxi, is for sale on eBay.

Update: eBay deleted their ad because they were selling something with bodily fluids!

Geely TX4’s are an enduring symbol of the United Kingdom in modern times for its iconic look and ubiquity around the giant island, but this London Taxi that popped up on eBay is arguably the most famous London Taxi….ever….for reasons. According to Porn Site Fake Taxi and their social media post earlier today (Feb. 27,2019) they’ve informed their fans that the OG Fake Taxi, the one that started it all, is now on eBay for anyone to buy. Check out their Facebook post below and a couple of images of said eBay ad.

Original implies that their more recent videos use a newer London Taxi but still, this particular one probably has had its fair share of on-screen appearances. Since this ad hit the internet, as of this writing, there have been more than 100 bids with the price sitting at £65,000, well above what a used TX4 normally costs.

A cursory search on eBay reveals that perfectly good London Taxis are a dime a dozen with ones not equipped with a license for drop off and pick up duties readily available for a couple thousand USD.

With this Fake Taxi ad getting as many bids as it is, I reckon that all of those bids are, dare I say, fake. Fake Taxi did admit in one of their more recent Facebook posts that they think bidders are trying to get it to £69,000. Just ask your nearest 14 year-old why that number is so important.

Anyhow, the eBay ad is pretty awful. There’s no mention of the year, mileage, interior or exterior condition or how well the engine runs. Then again, anyone purchasing this Taxi probably doesn’t even care.

I think it’s all just a big publicity stunt. Who would want to buy a Taxi with such a reputation?

As this auction still has three days, I’ll keep you abreast on its “winning” bid.

What do you think about this Taxi eBay ad? Do you think any of those bids are legit? Let me know in the comments below!

Source: eBay


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