Gullwing doors, a 160 MPH top speed, twin turbos and one-of-one exclusivity, this Boschert B300 is potential Radwood Royalty if you have deep enough pockets.

I’m a simple man, I see a car with gullwing doors, I write a couple words about it. So when I saw this one-of-one Mercedes 300CE-based gullwing twin-turbo coupe come across my social media feed, I couldn’t get to WordPress fast enough. According to Tino Zovko, owner of the Boschert B300 he posted up for sale earlier yesterday (Mar. 12, 2019)  he’s only selling his rare Merc’ (or should I say Boschert) to someone willing to cough up 1M euro which is roughly $1.1 Million. When the market for cars consists of only one example, theoretically one can set the price at whatever he wants and that’s the case here.

If you’ve never heard of the Boschert B300 Gullwing don’t worry because few people do. The gullwing Mercedes 300 SL was so iconic when it came out that despite Mercedes not making another Gullwing for 48 more years a handful of coachbuilders specializing in Euro cars took their creative licenses and sliced up whatever Mercedes had in their lineup to make their own.

One such aftermarket specialist was Boschert with this Gullwing based on a 300CE coupe of the time. 300CE’s weren’t particularly rare and if you search for more than ten seconds on Autotrader, one can find one for $5,000. What made this car so special was the bespoke body modifications, mainly to the dual-pneumatic doors.

According to, keepers of the flame of a handful of gullwings, the rear overhang was also shortened by 25 cm for better road handling capabilities.

Under the hood the stock M103 3.0L is beefed up thanks to a Mosselmann biturbo system consisting of two Garrett turbos, a special tune, and their own dual exhaust piping. Paired to a, believe it or not, five-speed automatic, this German tuned fancy doored coupe put out 320 HP which is more than enough to reach its 160 MPH top speed.

In all honesty, I doubt someone will pull the trigger on what’s essentially a tuned Mercedes with admittedly awesome doors. But, if you want to dethrone the F40’s that show up to most 80’s themed car shows, this is one sure-fire way to bring home the schnitzel.

What do you think of this autobahn burner? Let me know in the comments below!

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