Don’t let this Gram grams blue Reeboks and sweats fool you, once she hits VTEC she taking your 2019 Toyota Corolla to Gapplebee’s.

Every once in a while I’ll come across a photo of someone’s dear grandma or grandpa behind the seat of some uncommon import with a ripper of an engine and, after a while, I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter what age, some people just like driving fun cars. A member of Texas Imports Today spotted this Baby Boomer getting into her mint and unmolested Electron Pearl Blue 1999-2000 Honda Civic Si earlier last week (Apr. 18,2019) further adding to my theory that these older people know exactly what they’re doing.

Check out the screenshot from the FB group below.

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Although it’s somewhat surprising to come across something like this is it really? Consider that, when brand new, these Honda Civic Si’s only cost $17,545 or about $26,000 in 2019. The Si was just that, a sports injected Civic with a sportier engine, not even larger displacement-wise compared to the mid-range EX trim level.

With 160 HP at a dizzying 7,600 RPM, below VTEC, as the technology boasts, it’s no more powerful than a bog-standard D-series Civic. These Golden Era Civics are user-friendly and livable DD’s that, when you want, can knock your socks off at above 5,600 RPM.

Honda heads back in the day will remember this lovely older lady spotted back in the early 2000s whipping it in a Phoenix Black Integra Type R. The thread with her spotting is still up on Honda-Tech if you want to check it out for yourself. 

A lot of people commenting on the photo mention that so many people would love to get their hands on that import and I’m sure she’s gotten her fair share of requests to sell it. According to a handful of auctions I’ve come across over the years, the EM1 has kept its value and then some.

If she IS the original owner, I doubt she’ll sell it at this point. She’s had this car for close to two decades and I can only guess she’s not going to give it up to some yahoo with a bit of cash.

Do you know someone’s gram grams who drives a ripper of an import? Let me know in the comments below!

Source: Texas Imports Today



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