It’s a good thing this 260Z owner took the time to media blast the paint on this Z because what he found lurking underneath the paint is just plain unconscionable.

More often than not, an immaculate paint job on an older car can be hiding some surprising details underneath, to say the least, especially if you go around knocking body panels and things don’t sound…right. That’s the unfortunate case with this Nissan 260Z when the new owner didn’t quite like the color it was resprayed with and decided to start from scratch with a media blast of all the old stuff.

This is what he found underneath, the pictures speak for themselves.

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And this is what it looked like before!

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You can imagine the shock and surprise from the owner when the body shop called him up to tell him the bad news what was lurking underneath.

Effectively, this Nissan Z’s body was trash from the get-go and, instead of scrapping the chassis, the previous owner decided to really DIY repair it, in a passion project if you will, by only using scrap metal, tack welding, and presumably slapping on tons and tons of Bondo A.K.A. body filler.

First of all, the tack welding wasn’t even cleaned up all that much. Whoever did this knew that they were going to do such a hack job to begin with and didn’t care.

Under all that bondo, there are even bondo jobs hiding in splotches too. There’s no limit to what this master bondo applier could do.

And even with sheet metal tacked on, no care was taken to pound out any dents. All dents would be hidden and smoothed over.

If you’re personally fine with this amount of “craftsmanship” and it’s your own personal project, honestly, I don’t mind it too much. Who’s going to know but yourself.

But, to pawn this off on someone as nothing wrong underneath is just plain wrong You have to disclose this kind of buffoonery.

No word on what’ll happen to this Z but rest assured quality paint sure isn’t going to be sprayed on this hunk of metal shaped like a 260Z.

What do you think about this level of monkey business? How pissed would you be if you found this lurking under your newly purchased project? Let me know your .02 in the comments below.

Source: Datsun Parts and Needs

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