This lady’s done it and brought the term “mall crawler” to life

Acura never meant for you to actually drive down a set of stairs, but their RDX is robustly engineered enough that a couple of stairs are no problem in some weird pinch. This Vancouver woman discovered this quite unexpectedly when, according to local Ian Lampman, who caught the display of off-road capability unfold before him on the job, she decided to take her SUV down three flights of stairs exiting the Sheraton Wall Center.

Check out the videos for yourself below.

And here’s what those flights of stairs looked liked from Google’s street view.

I’m not familiar with this particular mall but, according to their Street View, it looks like a part of their parking garage goes up one story and extends to the plaza above. In the photo above, there are three large concrete planters that prevent this sort of thing from happening in the first place.

Since Google drove by the Sheraton Wall Center it looks like the planters are gone, perhaps for aesthetic purposes. Then again, those bollards serve a purpose and people in their natural, unguided state, can’t be trusted to logically think “Surely, those flight of stairs aren’t a shortcut?”

I think halfway down, when she opened her door, she knew she screwed up and, at that point, it was probably safer to continue down than to try to reverse out of the situation.

The Acura RDX is quite a sturdy SUV in its own right and can surely handle some stairs, although Acura have clearly marketed this SUV as sporty more than off-road worthy.

Youtube is chock full of Acura reps leading reviewers off the beaten path.

According to the Daily Hive, local Canadian PD are investigating the situation. They, after all, have her plates.

I really don’t think they’ll seriously fine her unless she caused actual damage to the stairs. Then again, this Wall Center is owned by Marriott and surely they have some sort of on-site insurance that covers this sort of buffoonery.

Did you know the RDX was as capable “handling three flights of stairs” capable? Let me know in the comments below!

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