The 99-00 Honda Civic EK is still relevant and popular enough for aftermarket aero company Mode Parfume Blow Design to come up with fresh looks for this rad era chassis.

It’ll be two decades since the last 6th gen Honda Civic rolled off assembly lines around the world but that doesn’t mean the aftermarket for this beloved front-wheel-drive chassis isn’t alive and well. Case in point, Mode Parfume Blow Design is working on one of the newest and most unique looking front ends I’ve seen for the 99-00 Honda Civic front end in years.

Check out some photos Mode Parfume shared with us below.

The first photo shows off what the finished front end will look like. Those familiar with the Honda Civic front end and it almost looks like Mode has incorporated and built upon where the stock front fog lights would go.

This is, in fact, a one hundred percent original design that’s much in line with the kind of aero kits Mode Parfume typically builds. Here’s what their aero kit for the Honda S2000 looks like. Look familiar?

The other photos above showcase just how intricate, and precise their front ends are made, this isn’t exactly some dude in his garage slapping together pieces of fiberglass.

I’m digging this new front end a lot. This front end would look great on not just hatchbacks but sedans and coupes as well, although I assume the hatches are a bit more popular in Japan.

Since these are one-off designs with limited runs and a small clientele willing to spend premium dollars on something unique, pricing should be in line with the rest of their catalog.

Expect to spend in the $900 neighborhood for just a front bumper. Hey, you gotta pay to play.

Mode Parfume, keeping the 99-00 Honda Civic relevant well into 2020.

Would you spend close to a grand for a unique bumper like this? Let me know in the comments below.


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