This Richmond BC woman caught on camera spouting a racist rant against Asians after a parking lot collision told a news outlet she’s actually not a racist after all?

This Richmond, BC woman is now famous for all the wrong reasons. According to CBC News in their own followup to a story from earlier yesterday (Aug. 23, 2019) CBC news took the initiative to actually call the woman identified as one Carla Waldman, to verify her story. Carla surprisingly answered and didn’t deny one bit of her original encounter.

Not only that, Carla maintains that

“I do not regret anything I said to her because she was a very mean person,” Waldman said.“I don’t care what they’re calling me. I am not a racist person.”

Here’s the video that’s been making the rounds online. I’ll let you judge for yourself.

Amy Xu, the Asian woman behind the camera, recalls that she and her daughter returned to their car in the Richlea Square Shopping Centre to find that someone else’s car was touching hers. Allegedly the other car crossed her allotted parking lot space and bumped forward into Xu’s car.

This is a common parking lot mistake which oftentimes results in small amounts of paint being chipped off and bumper-to-bumper damage. It’s not clear how much damage Carla caused to Xu’s car but it was enough to where Xu stayed around long enough for Carla to return.

The racist rant from Carla ensued.

Not only does she spout several anti-Asian racist terms, Carla throws out the “your kind can’t drive” card which is ironic given Carla’s the one who crashed into the back of Xu.

It’s also doubly ironic because Richlea Square Shopping Center has more than a handful of predominately Asian restaurants and grocery stores, an obvious sign that there’s a large enough Asian population that’s established itself in the surrounding area, a tangible sign that Asians are not only welcome, they are established and respected members of the Canadian community.

I can only assume that all Xu, and the rest of the Asian community wants from Carla is an honest apology.

It’s not OK for anyone to have such vitriol towards any ethnic group, no matter what generation you’re born in.

It would be remiss of me not to quote a great comment in that video I’ve posted above from Paul Jabert.

What is shown here is one of the reasons it’s recommended to record and report -using police or managers depending on the situation. If you confront a perpetrator, instead of using the police, or a neighbour, instead of using the manager- expect nonsense or violence. They are obviously out of it because they’re doing something wrong in the first place. Did you expect a rational response from a person who did something irrational? Usually not going to happen.


  1. She should just apologize. Of course she made racist comments when confronted.

    Very bad example as a mother or any capacity as a mentor of any kind at her age.

    The city doesn’t need needless conflicts created by Carla Waldman.

    • This is simply ridiculous. This lady, Carla Waldman, crashes into another person’s car and makes racial profiling comments, then denies that she isn’t racist. Wow, this is like blaming the victim who was raped. True Canadians do not discriminate, that is not what we stand for. She should be the one who goes back to wherever she came from – I’m sure Donald Trump will grant her an American citizenship immediately. People like her should be pressed with charges and make an example of. An simple apology will not put an end to bigotry and racism. #Make Canada Great

      • Dont act like all you guys are surprised by this incident. This sh*# happening everyday in Canada. You all act like canada is so peaceful and racism is non existent. But my 30years of life in Canada I had to go through this kind of racism almost everyday. And I live in Vancouver BC. Now even my son going through racism in his school. And police investigation?? Ha! Nothing will happen. If that was black person maybe outcome will be different but nah. With asian they never cared.

      • Crashes Felix?
        Don’t exaggerate….
        It was a simple touching…..
        And she is right…Chinese in general don’t know how to drive….it’s a fact.
        And you see that everyday on the roads.
        I avoid Richmond like the plague.
        Besides, she voices what many think but don’t dare saying for fear of being called a racist.
        We are living in a shit world nowadays where everything is filmed, everything is over dramatized and people have become insanely sensitive.
        And of course you have to mention Donald Trump……figures.

        • Wow you arent any better. Do people get a thrill out of being nasty and disrespectful? So only Chinese people drive bad? Hilarious. I see tons of people that drive terribly and most are not Aisian. Being labeled a racist, well dont he racist then! What this woman said was straight up racism in every way. Typical for a person to throw racist insults and then claim to not be racist. If you weren’t you wouldnt ever be talking like she did. Funny too she tells the woman she cant drive when she is the one that parked over the line and bumped her car. Go figure.

  2. What’s astonishing is that according to her Facebook profile she campaigns against Antisemitism, and yet here she is berating & being racist to someone else for just being Asian. How does one who campaigns against hate towards a people (her people) just because of who they are (Jewish) can then turn around and do the same thing to another? Of course she’s a racist, but what makes her worse, is that she’s also a hypocrite.

    • It seems some people only care about their own group. They’re not opposed to racism or discrimination per se, just to it happening against their own people. I know – go figure.

  3. I’m a 64 year old white woman. I am ashamed of that white woman attacking a Cajun woman the white woman is white trash and she certainly no lady something should be done for her calling that sweet Asian as c*** because clearly the old h***ful white woman is definitely a r****t and she parked wrong she initiated the whole fight. she has the mentality of a t***p supporter in the brain the size of a p** let’s make this go viral door that woman never has any piece for the rest of her life


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