Fans of Donut Media’s videos want to know what happened to Science Garage and if Donut Media will ever bring that segment back.

It’ll be eight months and counting since the last Science Garage episode, number 49, hit Donut Media’s Youtube and Facebook. Since then, there’s been no official explanation if Science Garage will ever come back along with its resident personality Bart Bidlingmeyer. Here’s why Science Garage will probably return, but without Bart.

Science Garage, as it stands, ran from February 2017 to the beginning of January 2019. With a wide range of topics like “Gasoline – How it works” and “How does a 2JZ engine work?” Science Garage had a seemingly endless supply of subjects of interest they could cover.

According to Social Blade, with a handful of Science Garage videos reaching over 2 million views and being some of the highest-rated videos for the channel, Science Garage brought in plenty of traffic and approval from its fanbase.

Then Science Garage videos no longer were being uploaded.

The unofficial reason everyone brought up for the first couple of months is that Bart had a kid, which is true. Check out his Instagram post below.

Unpaid paternity leave in California is only three months so, after March came and went, fans of Science Garage still had no answer.

Thankfully Bart is accessible via Instagram which means fans of Science Garage asked him what everyone wants to know, “Are you coming back?”

According to Bart himself in replies,

” Thanks for the support! Means a lot! I’m not at Donut anymore… hopefully you’ll see me online soon!

Obviously that means Bart was probably let go, or he decided not to return.

As per Bart’s Linkedin, Bart was a creative producer, writer, and presenter for Donut Media so I will assume each Science Garage episode was, not counting appearances from James and Nolan, 99 percent his work. Without a “Bart” there’s no Science Garage.

If you want to work at Donut Media as a Host & Writer, you must submit a piece of work. One prompt is to teach an audience “How a Turbo works.” You must both be able to act as a personality and write your own parts. Asking for on “How a Turbo Works” sounds to me like they still want a “Science Garage” type segment.

What I think happened.

So, this is purely my opinion based on what I posted above. Science Garage brings in views and is entertaining with the right host, no doubt. But on an average of one video every two weeks, that wasn’t cutting it for Donut Media.

Arguably Donut Media’s cash cow “Up to speed” has uploads about once a week.

Science Garage, under Bart, probably took too long to write, shoot, edit, and publish on the web for Donut Media’s liking.

Perhaps the writing was on the wall and Bart becoming a Dad, wrapping up two years of work, was a natural segue into parting ways between Donut Media and Science Garage’s founding host.

So is Donut Media bringing back Science Garage or what?

If the right host/ writer comes along, yes. Right now, it’s not a priority for Donut Media since they’re experience explosive growth with their current batch of shows.

Bart set the bar high for the show and finding another host to match and surpass his level of work is hard to do, probably another reason Science Garage hasn’t come back yet.

The best segments of Donut Media are introduced and gather momentum organically. It’s the same with Science Garage, finding its next host won’t be rushed along.

When the host comes along, the segment will return.

Also, if you’re wondering, Bart’s currently working with Kelley Blue Book with their Ride News Now series and Motor Trend as a creative producer and writer.

Are you a fan of Science Garage and/or Bart, too? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. Thanks for this. I couldn’t figure out what happened to Bart and/or Science Garage.
    I’m more a fan of Bart, he made me subscribe to Donut in the first place. He’s probably the best host of a car show I’ve ever seen

  2. I bought my helmet after seeing Bart’s show describing the Snell standards
    Only part of the show I actually watched
    Great host !

    • Bart brought me to Donut Media. His personality and the way he carried himself on the show makes me think he is super cool to talk to and be around on or off the show. Very, very genuine guy that anyone can get along with. He could teach complex subjects in very easy to understand short segments. I’ll miss him on donut but hope to see new content from him wherever he goes.

  3. This is all baseless speculation. Nolan has said before that they’ll never do Science Garage without Bart. The reason for his firing is purely speculatory as well. Wheelhouse wasn’t putting out weekly content at the time, yet Nolan didn’t get the boot. Pretty sure some drama went down between James and Bart (Bart no longer follows James on instagram), but since I don’t know for sure I would never put out a sorry excuse for an article making that claim.

    • well I texted him about 3 years ago on Instagram and due to some glitch he saw my message on top and replied, so I told him about how I was bummed about him leaving Donut, I dont wanna share what he replied, ik not know why just frustrates you but I have to respect his privacy, Mans working in Motor trend now and made some new shows. He will always be the best science teacher.

  4. That sucks, i just got into donut, & the science garage with Bart was funny & informative. So untill he comes back i’m un following them!! Seriously unhappy bunny!!!!????

  5. i just realized there isn’t Science Garage in Donut’s weekly schedule in this time. wondered why. Bart has great personality and resourcefulness, too bad he isn’t at Donut anymore.

  6. YM, very interesting speculation. I felt like Bart and James didn’t vibe in that one video they were in together about the sugar in gas experiment, and since you said Bart no longer follows James, my guy feeling is that your speculation may on to something. I miss Bart and Science Garage too, guys. Bart was an awesome uf*in host.

  7. Science garage was my favorite part of Donut. I liked Bart’s low key jokes on social topics to get people laughing and loving each other. I wish him the best.


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