NBC Sports’s Censor did not bleep out Lele Pons screaming the F word during her ride-along with Mario Andretti at the 2019 Grand Prix of Monterey.

Someone at NBC Sports’s Censoring department will get a stern talking too following Sunday’s gaffe broadcast live to millions watching around the world.

During the parade lap of the 2019 Monterey Grand Prix, NBC Sports cut to a live shot of Lele Pons in Honda’s official two-seater just in time for her to scream, “What the f******ck (replace the * with u’s)” to viewers watching the race live.

Check out a Twitter video of that moment below including a Russian stream of the entire race which includes the full version of the video tweeted.


IndyCar chose Pons to be the celebrity passenger for being a three-time Platinum singer, named one of Forbes “30 Most Influential people on the internet,” and for being one of Instagram’s most-watched stories producers of 2017.


Unfortunately, Pons’s profanity filled exclamation overshadowed the real story behind the story, the 50th anniversary of Mario Andretti’s 1969 Indianapolis 500 win.

If you didn’t already know, Mario Andretti, one of America’s best open-wheel racers of our times, is behind the wheel of that Honda two-seater, a job he’s presumably happy to do for several years if it means getting paid to scare the cra* out of people.

While pace car duties are run at sub-100 MPH speeds, enough to keep IndyCar’s cool, Mario Andretti and Lele Pons were out front and were going well above pace car speeds.

The speed trap caught them passing by at a breathtaking 133 MPH.

It’s the sensation of speed which catches non-racers like Lele Pons off guard. There’s nothing like being inches from the ground at triple digit speeds flung around corners several times harder than you’d experience in a regular car.

So, it’s understandable that Ms.Pons would scream something like that. But then, watch the profanity, mam.

It would probably behoove NBC Sports to remind their celebrity passengers to keep it PG as best they can for the next Grand Prix.

Did you watch the Monterey GP? Did you see the parade lap gaffee from Lele Pons? Let me know in the comments below.


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