Not only does Pebbles Hooper not give a flying f*** that she sat on some stranger’s Nissan S15, she’s owning that she did on Instagram, shaming anyone who disagrees otherwise.

Update 10/31/2019- Instagram deleted her account. Ms. Hooper also received dozens of threats so ya, don’t do that either, fellas.

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Some New Zealand social commentator named Pebbles Hooper is getting flack and a storm of hate thrown her way on Instagram after she took a photo sitting on the hood of a stranger’s Nissan S15 without the owner’s permission to defile his property with the entire weight of her body.

Not only did she disrespect someone’s property, Pebbles Hooper doubled down on her d**k move and DM’d the owner, threatening to burn his car, encouraging her followers to key it the next time anyone sees it. Pebbs is also reposting any comment on her stories sent her way to provoke the haters and pump up her social media engagement at the same time.

Yah, this is all 100 percent true. Check out the dumpster fire she’s still keeping online below.

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Supposedly unbothered but OK.

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Here’s the complete story from the Nissan S15 owner, @JustinsOnTheRoad, below.

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If this is the first time you’ve heard of Pebbles Hooper, join the club. Apparently she’s got some money thanks to being the “daughter of fashion designers Francis Hooper and Denise L’Estrange-Corbet.” Hooper swung that connection into writing for a gossip column via the New Zealand Herald where she gained some fame.

After an inflammatory tweet where Hooper poked fun at a family dieing of carbon monoxide poisoning, she was fired. Not surprised.

It doesn’t take a degree in Psychology to figure out that this is exactly the thing this girl does, choose a target, poke fun at it, take a stick and stir up the fan base, and along the way, gain a couple thousand followers who support this “bad girl” behaviour.

Read up on her social media spat between her and some social media star named Jess Quinn.

The mistake she made was going after car guys. It’s an unwritten rule on the internet but you don’t poke fun at car guys, no matter what your opinion is.

You sit on one hood, you sit on all our hoods.

Australian Shock Jock Emma of Mike E and Emma received so much flack after just expressing how she doesn’t get car guys and their one-dimensional posts. A year later and her Instagram still gets a wayward comment pointing out her double-standard, posting arguably basic Instagram posts after calling out gear heads for doing something similar.

Last week I blogged about a Sacramento-based features reporter who got fired for sitting on some cars on live TV. That story even got national attention.

At this point I’d probably go on some soap box about respecting people’s property but you’ve heard it all before.

Don’t touch other people’s stuff and for gawd’s sake, don’t brag about it on social media.

Since this is Pebbles Hooper’s M.O. to get attention and followers, we’ll see how much of a hole she digs for herself. Apologize? Not likely.


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