This Japanese Automobile college is building the first MKV Toyota Supra using a Lexus SC430 as the donor chassis.

It will be a long time before Toyota announces their convertible variant of the popular MKV 2019 Toyota Supra but that’s not stopping Nihon Automobile College from jumping head first, making their own A90 MKV Toyota Supra Convertible.

I’m saying kind of because, as you’ll see in the photos and videos below, they’re using a Lexus SC430 as their foundation vehicle, a rear wheel drive mid-sized luxury sports grand tourer that ended production in 2010.

Anyway, check out a handful of photos and a video from the college’s social media feeds dedicated to this one vehicle below.

If you didn’t already know, Nihon Automobile College or NATS for short, prides itself on fabricating and producing some of the most innovative concepts the automotive world has ever seen.

Talk about hands on training.

That usually means NATS takes on projects that are visually real game changers. Check out a handful of their previous projects showcased at their local Tokyo Auto Salon below.

Here’s an Urus truck based on a Toyota 86.

And this one’s one of their more refined projects, a Mazda RX-8 with Mazda’s new Kodo design language and extreme stance.

This is an automobile college that does not mess around with kid gloves projects.

For their A90 Spyder, NATS smartly used a Lexus SC430 since it’s already a convertible. Instead of chopping up a new Supra, which would’ve infuriated the internet to no end, NATS chose a foundation that’s already engineered for open-top motoring.

And since this is a Supra, they’ve ripped out the more than capable 3UZ-FE V8 and stuffed in the forced induction happy 2JZGTE from the legendary MKIV Toyota Supra. Sourcing a 2JZ in Japan must be heaps easier than finding one here in the United States.

The real magic is how NATS students finesse the body lines of the SC430, transforming this Lexus luxury convertible into what should look like a real MKV Toyota Supra convertible.

As the photos above show, this requires planning, fabrication skills, and execution to make it look right.

Thankfully, they’ve ordered an MKV Toyota Supra front end so they don’t have to fabricate that important piece of the puzzle.

But, for the larger pieces like the hood, rear trunk, spoiler, and side skirts, all that is hand made using creativity and ingenuity to shape metal into something that matches the current MKV Toyota Supra to a T.

Their paint scheme or wrap is a nod to the Fast and Furious franchise.

This is a monumental project and should look unbelievable once it’s finished.

My hats off to these pioneering students for taking the initiative, making something that doesn’t exist, from thought to final product.

H/T- Thanks to Mikkel Reed


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