A story about bus thieves sucking human poop and urine out of a tour bus sounded too good to be true, so I did some investigating and it’s 100 percent fact.

If you’re thinking about eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner, stop reading because it only gets worse from here. A photo of a bus with a caption that reads like “thieves tried to siphon gas from bus, suck raw sewage instead” circulates Facebook every so often and it reads so much like a joke I had to investigate. Turns out this is a real story, it happened in a small town in Western Australia in 2016, and it’s become a legendary story of thievery gone bad ever since.

As mentioned, this incident happened in the small rural town of Laverton, Australia. Laverton is small,only about a half mile wide, has a population of only 340, and the biggest employers in town are the airport and local horse race club.

It’s so sparsely populated, Google Maps only drove through their once in 2008.

According to the local newspaper, “The West Australian” a visiting tour bus stopped overnight at a local hotel and fell victim to attempted theft.

Local police stated that there’s evidence someone tried to siphon fuel from the bus. Left behind was the cap to the black water tank and nothing else.

“Sen. Sgt Soutar said the discarded cap and lack of fuel stolen suggested they had failed to get away with what they were hoping to steal.”

If you know anything about large buses or RV’s, you’ll know that the black, grey, and city water connection outlets are readily accessible by anyone from the outside.

Presumably, not many people know how these outlets work and just assume any outlet is connected to the fuel. In the middle of the night, this can be extra confusing if you don’t have a flashlight.

You can imagine the surprise on the perps faces when they stuck a piece of plastic tubing down the black water tank connection and sucked in that first bit of…liquid to get the “fuel” flowing.

It must’ve been the worst thing that man’s ever tasted.

No word if they ever caught the suspected thieves but Australia’s governing police force had a go at a few puns in reply.

Talk about instant karma, am I right?


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