New Supra owner Dohe Hwang wants to enjoy his 2020 Toyota Supra but a poorly painted door panel has him frustrated beyond belief.

When Dohe Hwang took ownership of his 2020 Toyota Supra it was presumably a dream come true, that is until he handwashed his Nocturnal black Supra for the first time, Hwang noticed an uneven base coat spray pattern that became more apparent under sunlight.

Check out his complaint on Toyota’s official Facebook page below. Here’s a mirror just in case the link below goes down.

This is no ordinary Supra, this is a Launch edition he purchased back in August. There are only 1,500 Launch Editions made with a $1,260 premium over regular GR models. Although Toyota advertises a $56,180 MSRP, dealerships tack on markups upwards of 25% or more to keep up with demand.

As this his pictures show, this body panel is a rather large plastic piece that runs the length of the door. It’s understood that plastic pieces won’t have the same tone or finish as painted metal but this is a different case entirely.

When Hwang reached out to a Toyota Field Tech, as part of Toyota’s due diligence, their tech team checked out another Nocturnal Black Supra and noticed the same defect.

During his independent research, Hwang found out the likely cause of this,

“I took my car to couple of reputable body shops near me and been told that this is a paint defect from the factory. And that there wasn’t enough base coat put down.

As mentioned in his post above, this wasn’t the dealership’s fault as Hwang gave them instructions not to detail his Supra upon receival.

This is rather disappointing to learn. Toyota is the poster child of total quality management and for this large of a paint defect to slip through their final checklists is inexcusable.

If you’ve seen how cars are built, you’ll know that most cars make their way through literal tunnels of light where both man and machine check for inconsistencies.

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For this to make its way into owner’s hands, not to mention repeated on the same car, blows my mind.

I’ve noticed this defect on a bumper I had painted to match my car but this was a quick $100 job from a guy who paints out of his own house, and even then, it wasn’t this bad.

If you’re in the market for a new Supra, it would behoove you to check out the paint in full sunlight. At the very least, bring one of those slim bar LED lights you see paint specialists use when you head to your nearest showroom.


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