Many people think this letter is a big ol’ fake but I think it’s 100 percent real.

A disturbing letter is making the rounds. Redditor Dorf-1 caught wind of an e-mail his co-worker received from two Vice-Presidents telling him that if he didn’t upgrade his 2005 Toyota Camry, they’d essentially have to fire him.

Keep in mind this is all alleged and that this could all be a gigantic hoax but I maintain that upper management can be this scummy and this isn’t even how bad it can get.

Check out a copy of his letter below and just in case he deletes the thread, here’s a mirror.

This email my coworker received today. He drives a 2005 Camry. It’s not wrecked, just old and fading paint. He never has to meet anyone that they would ever see the car. It’s literally just another car in the garage. from r/trashy

A 2005 Toyota Camry isn’t a bad car by any stretch, it’s actually one of the most decent Toyotas you can get if you just want some basic transportation. Here’s what they look like.

But a 15-year-old car is a 15-year-old car and the condition this worker’s keeping it runs the gamut from normal to downright ragged. For all we know, this Camry could be missing all its hubcaps, never washed in its life, dented on all panels, and plagued with rust.

But like so many Redditors pointed out, unless this worker’s company is doling out some sort of vehicle allowance, they have zero say about what he drives.

Dangling someone’s job over their heads on grounds that their car is old and unsightly is grounds for a wrongful termination suit, a real possibility in this case.

We don’t know this worker’s money situation and a job is a job but these are not the type of people I’d ever want to work with. Unless you’re representing your company on sales calls, meetings, etc, the condition of your car has nothing to do with your company’s success and is none of management’s business.

The original poster has not deleted his original post, and he’s replied that there’s some “lawyering up” in order, so until he provides an update, stay tuned.

What do you think about this letter? Do you think management went too far? Think it’s all fake? Let me know in the comments below.


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