This is possibly the lowest mileage Honda S2000 on planet earth and its owner will let the bidders have at it on Bring A Trailer, soon.

When a 2009 Honda S2000 91-miles sold for $70,000 on, everyone thought the world had gone plum crazy spending that much on a four-cylinder Honda made 12 years ago. But a new challenger from Cocoa Beach, FL has entered the arena, this one older and with a third of the miles. According to Honda Pro Jason on a Facebook post shared earlier today, this Floridian owns, possibly, the lowest mileage Honda S2000 on planet earth and is going to auction it off, soon.

From what I can gather from the owner on Instagram, it was the plan all along, to keep this Honda S2000 as low-mileage as possible only because she owns another Honda S2000 in New Formula Red.

I suppose she had enough disposable income to buy one for daily driving and save the other one as an investment of sorts.

According to the owner in the comments,

It’s (this S2000) my baby & was bought as a collector’s piece. I also have an identical red S2000 with 140k miles on it. I’ve pushed the red line on that one and cranked the VTEC to rocket mode at 6500 rpm. It allows me to leave the silver S2k at rest.”

I’ve been driving my red S2000 for 20 years. Sorry to say only had it to 147mph with luggage and passenger!

For all intents and purposes this Honda S2000 is factory fresh because before Honda Pro Jason even visited, the roadster’s top hadn’t been lowered.

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you cars are a horrible investment. The S2000, however, was special right from the get go. The S2000 is a simple driver’s car in a sea of cars getting more complicated as the years go on. Get it right and you’ll be rewarded with a satisfying driver’s experience but get it wrong and you’ll spin faster than you can read this sentence.

Journalists often placed the S2000 a peg above the more expensive Porsche Boxster.

In 2000, the S2000 had a $32,000 price tag. With that 91-mile S2000 bringing in $70,000, I reckon this 34-mile S2000 might be able to double the money compared to its MSRP after all is said and done.

Last year, Hagerty said the Honda S2000 market was hot but not entirely burnt out. Now might be the right time for this 34-mile one to find a new home.


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