The new Acura NSX is already wicked quick with a 3.0 second 0-60 MPH but this owner and one simple mod scraped another .4 seconds off that already quick time.

2017 Acura NSX owner Darrell, who goes by Auto Dreams on YouTube and Instagram, uploaded several 0-60 MPH runs shortly after he installed his Science of Speed JB4 Tune. With extra HP and torque thanks to the tune and 98 octane Race Gas, Darell was able to significantly lower his 0-60 MPH time, besting production super cars above the NSXs punching weight like the McLaren 600LT, McLaren Senna, and Mercedes-AMG GT.

Check out his video below.

According to Science of Speed, their JB4 Tuning box will set you back $1,300. But, for the amount of power you get and being fully plug and play, that’s a bargain.

The video starts off with Darrell receiving his JB4 tuner. How something so small can unleash so much power is why these types of plug-in tuners are so popular. The first half of the video is him installing the box in his engine bay so, if you’re reading this before watching the video, you can skip to 6:50 for all the fun bits.

As per SOS’s description on performance,

The JB4 Tuning Box increases horsepower by 40 to over 100 horsepower depending on the type of fuel used. 91 octane produces 40 horsepower gains, 93 octane 60 horsepower, and 98 octane+ over 100 horsepower. 

Although journalists from the likes of Motor Trend can hit 3 seconds launch after launch in the NSX, Darell’s best is 3.2 seconds.

On regular 93 premium and with an extra +60 HP Darell hit 2.9 seconds and with race gas poured in, unleashing 100+ HP, he hit 2.675 seconds.

It’s hard to believe but this new NSX has already been on the market for four years. Even when the second gen NSX came out, this torque-filling supercar was slightly a step behind in power with other heavy hitters. And, with the introduction of the C8 Corvette, the value supercar of them all, the NSX’s performance is hard to justify given its $160,000 MSRP.

With these bolt-ons and tunes, the NSX is that much more competitive in a world where supercars top each other year after year. And hasn’t that always been the case with Hondas, always the underdogs able to hang with the best thanks to owners who know how to turn a wrench?


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