One could argue that this GT-R being RHD was a contributing factor for this driver being OK.

If you’re fans of this generation R32 Nissan GT-R, look away. According to car enthusiast group and anime aficionados BH and their post from earlier this weekend (May 23,2020) this R32 Nissan GT-R driver can count himself lucky after an alleged freak accident caused his GT-R to spin out, stopped by a light pole in front of a BMW dealership in Las Vegas. Although the damage to the GT-R was catastrophic, this Nissan literally folded in half like a taco, the driver made it out OK.

Check out several photos making the rounds below including two videos from the driver shortly before this accident and CCTV footage of the crash from a nearby building.

Thanks to some nosy internet sleuths who really did the most to dig up names, videos, photos, and information on this car, the car is owned by @CarlosMartinez2591 on Instagram, also owner and operator of Lux Auto Boutique. Apparently, he’s also a B.H. (I’m saying B.H. because filters really be flagging me for another word for bahonkus.)

Here are a couple shots of this GT-R pre-wrap.

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A post shared by Carlos Martinez (@carlosmartinez2591) on

According to BH on their Instagram stories and in the comments,

Like we said, “Freak Accident” we don’t condone speeding or street racing which were not involved in the accident.

A popular rumor going around is that the gas pedal got stuck under the floor mats but BH shot that theory down.

It’s hard to make out what happened from a CCTV camera a hundred feet away but, as per that pre-crash footage, this isn’t your average R32 GT-R, this one is packing some serious boosted power.

Also, it’s pretty much Summer already in Las Vegas with temps well into the 90s in the middle of the day so it’s not like it was raining or anything.

With a boosted, high-power machine, presumably warm tires, and plenty of straight road, you can draw your own conclusions. Here’s the location of the crash on Google Maps.

We’re glad the driver is OK, that this car is RHD, and that no one else was hurt.

It’s just a sh***y situation all the way around.

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