This Oakland protestor literally drove a 2020 Honda CR-V off a showroom floor.

Protests around the country kicked off in the early hours of the morning and reached a crescendo earlier tonight (May 30,2020) with protests inevitably reaching downtown Oakland. A wild scene played out in Oakland as a handful of car dealerships, including Honda of Oakland and Mercedes of Oakland where broken into, ransacked, and in one case, a whole 2020 Honda CR-V was literally stolen off the showroom floor.

Check out the unbelievable video below including a couple of other posts showing just how raucous these Oakland protestors got.

In one instance, a construction skid steer was started off of a construction site and driven around, presumably to cause damage to local businesses.

But before I drop those embeds, if you’re curious why these protests are going down, NBC Bay Area dropped their coverage of one of the defining moments on Friday when hundreds of protestors flooded Bay Area freeways, blocking traffic and inciting confusion and frustration to weary Bay Area commuters.

As far as I know, no one could drive off with a Mercedes. Instead, several thousands of dollars in damage to the showroom floor and to cars was carried out.

The Honda dealership was another story. Here’s that Honda dealership on Google Maps.

Thanks to the convenience of pushbutton start, most modern Hondas, you don’t even need to have the key fob on your person to start, in this case, a Honda CR-V. points out that the key fob only needs to be within 32 inches (a little less than three feet away) for someone to push down on the brake and start the car. Honda of Oakland probably had the keyfobs in a case nearby.

According to some Civic owners on CivicX, you can literally drive the car off after you’ve started the Honda, the engine not shutting off until you physically push the ignition button yourself or run out of gas.

While this Honda CR-V was already seriously damaged driving off that showroom floor, as mentioned, she (oh, did you think only men can steal cars?) could drive as far away from Honda of Oakland as she wants. She won’t be able to start it again, though.

Protesting is one thing but committing grand theft auto is a whole other story, unnecessary and not helping the cause.


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