To be honest, this isn’t any ordinary Civic, it’s a low-mileage unicorn EM1 Civic Si in pristine condition.

You can get a lot of car for over $45,000, so can you imagine the jump in logic it takes to not only prepare yourself to spend that much on some 20-year-old Honda Civic with a measly ol’ four-cylinder, but to set up a camera and stream yourself doing it. Youtuber and owner of Obssesed Garage LLC Matt Moreman streamed himself earlier yseterday (June 6, 2020) on actively bidding on what is now considered one of the most insane auctions in BAT history. Matt was prepared to spend over $45,000 on this Civic Si, and can you believe he didn’t win?

If you want to go through the roller coaster of emotions in real-time, check out his upload below.

If you didn’t already know, this Electron Blue Pearl 2000 Honda Civic Si with just 5,600 miles broke the internet, auctioning off for $50,000 and Matt Moreman was very much in the top contenders to win.

In his 45 minute upload, the first half is him clicking “bid” and promising BAT that he’ll pay thousands at a time with each bid confirmation. BAT has a system that erases sniping, or bidding at the last minute, by adding two minutes every time someone place a bid with two minutes or fewer on the clock.

We join the bidding at $30,000, already an insane amount, and go through the handful of bids that takes Matt to his hard limit, or $45,250.

To mere mortals where anyone can watch and comment on the bidding live, it’s insane just how much money people, like Matt, are willing to spend on these USDM Sport Compact legends.

With each click, those bidders low-key committed more than some people make in an entire year!

I suppose, while it might be nerve-wracking to watch, when you’re in an entirely different tax bracket, money on this level hits a little different.

Still, to see it live, behind the curtain, is surreal for average joe car enthusiasts.

Props to you, Matt, for putting your face and experience out there for the world to see. Oftentimes bidder identities are shrouded in mystery, but not this time.


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