It looks like the last social media manager forgot to change the website logins

Bristol Cars might be dead at the moment, but that hasn’t stopped some former employee with the company’s website login credentials to post one last news update for old time’s sake. According to a now deleted “official” statement posted earlier this week (Aug 23, 2020) a pithy piece titled, “Non-apology” lambasted the previous owner of Bristol Cars, Kamal Siddiqi.

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You can still see the statement on Google Cache, and, if that eventually gets updated, here’s the piece verbatim below.

A message from the Chairman Our blind self-interest, total lack of management skills, fiscal incompetence (not to mention stupidity and nepotism) caused this once proud British marque to once again fall into receivership. If we had any honour, we would apologise to the individuals and suppliers who have been left out of pocket. But we don’t and won’t. We don’t even pay our own staff. Let’s face it, it’s not the first time – you should have done your research.

A quick Google search would have shown our history of non-payment, defaults and cynical ordering of services and supplies while there’s no cash in the kitty. Meanwhile, we’re busy on our next phase of fleecing investors, suppliers and staff while I add to my impressive stable of Ferraris, Porsches, Mercedes’ and Rolls Royces at my large private estate. Yours insincerely, Kamal Siddiqi

The statement’s lead photo is a shot of Bristol in its heydey, its Flinton Aerodrone factory packed full of 401s in various stages of assembly.

Penned like Kamal Siddiqi himself, this non-apology bluntly points out Kamkorp Group’s mismanagement of this historic British car brand.

Kamcorp bought the assets that were Bristol back in 2011. Since then, the only fresh developments under the Kamcorp era was the R&D and prototype work around their new Bristol Bullet, a two-seat roadster that debuted in 2016 but failed to make it into production.

After Kampcorp acquired electronic arm Frazer-Nash, plans to branch out into electrified models came to press but nothing was ever carried out.

Bristol Cars went from bad to worse when news of a court-ordered liquidation sale was made official earlier this year in March. Among the items sold off to the highest bidder was a lone Bristol Bullet Prototype.

The silver lining out of all these liquidations was there was plenty of interest to buy up the company’s assets, presumably, to resurrect under new ownership sometime down the road.

A marquee that deserves a proper go

In the five minutes of Googling about Bristol, it’s a car manufacturer with a lot of British history and a reputation for handmade quality that deserves proper management, bright minded engineers, a creative R&D team, and cars befitting of the name.

Looking up some of their later, more modern works, these Bristols have bold designs, power to back up the proportions, and a presence even driving around at under 5 mph.

Check out a handful of videos with some Bristol Fighters puttering around. Talk about standing out at a car show.

When Bristol eventually rises from the ashes, rest assured HR will have also know the site’s logins with auto-notifications of any new site posts.

Source – @Yorkonafork


  1. They moved all their staff to another part of the company when bristol cars went under and now owe the staff almost 6 months wages!! With promises every week to pay. Yet if you speak to the tax office they have declared to hmrc they have paid everyone when they havent. They didn’t even tell the staff when they went into liquidation. Oh and they have also been taking everyone’s pensions payments out of their wages when they were being paid but kept the money and didn’t pay it into their pension funds.. Yet so far the staff have found no support despite reporting to her, pensions regulator etc . Its criminal

  2. Hardly surprising. The only way these parasites will learn is when the pitchforks are at the gate. Good luck Mr Siddiqui with your next venture, avoiding the scrutiny of HMRC….

  3. they did the same with Frazer Nash Research Ltd as well. I worked there for 7 years just over, and only 1 year we were paid on time! the rest we were at least a month late, sometimes 2 months late being paid. When we complained we might of got £50 out of the petty cash tin and made out they did you a favour! we were not paid for xmas but the owner, Kamal had the audacity to drive in in his brand new Porche Cayenne…nearly lost my home twice, racked up massive debts all on the promise that we would get our money. nearly never got married because of money owed! oh and yes the took out pension contributions from staff, also deducted tax on other benefits but never paid it to hmrc etc…Supposedly now in liquidation…good…treats people like dirt!


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