It’s one thing to mess with a man’s heart, but to screw around with his ride…that’s just wrong.

Car enthusiasts around the nation (A.K.A. The Boys) are rallying behind a Wisconsin bro after his now ex did him dirty. According to Wisconsin resident Austin Grabe in a rather lengthy Facebook post shared on his personal profile earlier last week (Aug 18, 2020) Grabe alleges that his girlfriend at the time, identified as one Tess W., not only lied, borrowing his Nissan 350Z to visit an ex, she wrecked with her former lover riding shotgun. And when confronted with the facts, she lied about that, too.

After being ghosted when pressed for further information following the crash and being uncooperative, not laying out her cards on the table, Austin took to Facebook to air out her dirty laundry.

Check out the tale of woe below. You can find his original post on Facbook, linked here. I’m only posting a screenshot because langauge.


Basically, both Austin and Tess were in a relationship long enough where Austin could trust Tess with his ride.

Tess asked Austin to borrow his car to drive to her Mom’s house, just 14 miles away. Unbeknownst to Austin, she drove in the opposite direction an extra 66 miles to Milwaukee to visit an ex.

When Tess’s ex questioned her whose car this was, Tess claimed it was, in fact, her car, and not Austin’s. Austin spilled the beans on a Facebook post posted shortly after.

The disrespect.

Then, presumably while joyriding, Tess wrecked his Z. If that wasn’t bad enough, she then lied about the circumstances of the crash and, I assume, has ceased all communications with Austin to distance herself from this “sh** show” of a situation.


Austin claims his insurance is sorting everything out and, as of this writing, there’s a full-on investigation going on.

I’m not sure what the Z’s condition was before the crash but based on the photos, knowing that it’s low-key a drift car, and has a welded diff, I can only assume insurance, if they find in Austin’s favor, will only throw a couple thousand at him.

Enter the GoFundMe. Not Austin’s idea, but, if you feel generous, you can donate to get Austin back on his feet.

After a week, only $360 out of a $8,000 goal’s been raised. We got a long way to go. petition

Around the time Austin’s post and GFM went up, someone had the hilarious idea to start a petition to,

  • Hold Tess Wirebaugh accountable for totaling Austin Grebe’s 350z.
  • Permanently remove Tess’s driver’s license to prevent future car dudes getting their ride smashed.
  • Rebuild Austin’s z 

How many signatures can a somewhat joke of a petition garner? a dozen signatures? a hundred? How about close to 1,500 signatures and counting.

There are some ACTUAL worthy causes that have less signatures, unfortunately.

You have to read the comments.

Emily Elzy says, “Sounds like a b***h, quacks like a b***h.

Danny commiserates, “I feel Austin’s pain & justice needs to be served.”

and the top comment from Jason Benish says, “B***** aint s*** but ho** and tricks.”


In Buddhism, there’s a concept called Samsara or the endless wheel of rebirth. Where you land on the wheel depends on your present actions or Karma.

Tess’s actions of not taking responsibility for one’s actions will not bode well for her when, if Buddhism is to be believed, she’s reborn.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, yah, she definitely did Austin wrong and running away from the truth will ultimately only hurt her chances at honest growth and becoming an adult.

People finally realize they should’ve taken more responsibility for their actions in life, but, more often than not, when they do, it’s already too late.

Here’s to wishing Austin all the best on his next ride, better than his Z ever was, and a favorable outcome from the insurance.


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