Even if you live in a small town in Somerset County, local Mustangs are going to Mustang

According to The Tribune Democrat on their report earlier yesterday (Sept 4, 2020) a North Star student was driving on Ohio Street in Boswell, PA when he mistook the gas for his brakes. Losing control of his Ford Mustang, the teenager jumped the sidewalk, drove onto the wheelchair ramp and took out the brick wall in front of his highschool.

Check out the photo from the local rag going viral below.

Boswell resident Charity Reedy provided this alternative angle of the crash, showing how this Mustang made it up there.

The Tribune Democrat reports that the teen was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries and for further evaluation.

Local police are also further investigating the crash, presumably to determine if there were any other factors at play besides the mistaken pedal.

Word gets around in a small town

The main reason I’m writing words about this crashed Mustang is because that photo of his New Edge ‘Stang perched on that pile of bricks made its way through Facebook on more than one group.

Looking up the circumstances of the crash and where it happened, I discovered just how small Boswell is.

According to the Census Burea, Boswell’s had a population under, at least, 1,500 people since 1990. That number is slowly declining.

Boswell is so small that the Google car didn’t even drive through all its streets, only stopping and driving through the PA-601. Seriously, check out the screenshot on Google Maps.

My point is, man, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, Mustangs are going to Mustang.

And talk about rumors already going around. Here are two alleged facts about this crash from Boswell residents gleaned from WJACTVs Facebook post.

Sandy Lepley alleges that this driver,

“…only had the car for two days is what my grandson said.”

and North Star high Alum Linda Taylor pleaded,

“This kid is a good kid!! He comes from a good family.”

You don’t get that kind of insider information when Mustang drivers go off the deep end in larger cities.

Rest assured, this crash will be a source of gossip for a good while in this Somerset County town.


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