Here’s why pro-racers say that trophy truck did the right thing

Even though Baja 1000 spectators are fairly good at self-policing themselves, keeping the day’s stage clear of traffic, there’s always going to be “that guy,” clueless to his surroundings. According to a video clip from @Expeditionxoffroad on Instagram, a freelance photographer taking in the sights and sounds of the 53rd running of the Baja 1000, a spectator in his Ford Raptor, allegedly from Texas (as evidenced by his plates,) made his way onto the course while it was hot and was subsequently rammed by a trophy truck.

Check out the video for yourself below including the damage the Raptor suffered.

This part of the Baja 1000 is at Ojos Negros, an infamous bit of stretch about 30 miles from the start in Ensenada. Known for its rolling hills, it’s a favorite spot to spectate.

The Ford Raptor is a capable off-road truck from the factory but is no match for trophy trucks capable of triple-digit speeds going through “dirt whoops” (rolling sections.)

We see the Trophy Truck run up on the Ford Raptor pretty quickly, understandable since no racer expects anyone to be on the course. With a quick stab of his accelerator, the trophy truck rams into the Raptor and lets his intentions known, “get out of the way!”

While this might seem rude and uncalled for, it’s actually the right thing to do. Following close behind the Trophy Truck are several other racers travelling at speed and, if that Raptor does not get out of the way quick, it could spell disaster for others.

Off-road racer BJ Baldwin even showed up in the comments to leave his .02.

Baldwin says,

“I almost did that to that same guy. Good to see my fellow competitors taking the time to educate others. Came into Ojos at 110mph over a crest this morning and there was a pickup coming the other way 5 feet to my left.”

As mentioned, contrary to popular belief, the Baja 1000 is mostly open course. That means people and traffic can go through a stage that’s hot. They do so at their own risk, and this element of danger ironically adds to the allure of the race.

That being said, spectators have time tables and should know not to drive on the course in the middle of a stage.

The way I see it, that Raptor driver deserved a pushed in tailgate. He can count himself lucky that’s all he suffered.

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