He should’ve used his burbling cam and Flowmaster money to pay off his bank loan

This 2008 Pontiac G8 GT owner successfully dislodged his ride from the clutches of an “evil” tow truck driver attempting to repo “his” wheels, but at what cost? According to an Instagram video from @Mexicostreets_1320, this Pontiac G8 owner arrived at the nick of time as his “pride and joy” was moments away from being successfully repo’d. His girl, coming home from work at her nursing job, jumped in to help, assisting her man “lift” off the G8 from the hooks of the tow truck.

Check out the video for yourself below. Just in case the vid goes blank, below, here’s a mirror.

Presumably, the tow truck driver was just about to drive off. Moments before, his automated license plate reader scanned and pinged this Pontiac G8 as up for repossession. Probably parked in front of the G8 driver’s home, the “owner” ran out, jumped in the driver’s seat, and attempted to drive off.

At that point, the tow truck driver whipped out his phone and started recording. Since he can’t legally touch the driver or interfere with what the driver’s doing, video evidence is the best he can do.

There are many reasons a car is repossessed, but often it’s because of several missed payments, not repaying your bank loan. These Pontiac G8’s retailed for around $30,000 if you didn’t go crazy on the options.

If he’s the first owner and financed over something like 60 months, he was looking at around $550/month, that’s with a reasonable 3 percent interest rate baked in. We don’t know people’s circumstances but, after several years, perhaps the car payment became too much of a financial burden.

A quick search on California’s smog authority site show’s this car hasn’t been smogged since 2015. Who knows how he got those blue 2019 license plate tags without a proper smog.

Sure, this man got his ride out but probably caused a lot of damage as the G8 slammed into the ground. With video evidence, this tow truck driver can now go after this G8 “owner” for damages to his truck. I keep using quotes around owner because technically the bank owns his car.

The Pontiac G8 is one cool ride. With this GT packing 361 HP from its burbling 6.0L V8, it’s definitely understandable someone would finance for whatever loan they can get. It’s an emotional buy, for sure.

Then again, we all SHOULD be living within our means. People rarely do. There are plenty of $5,000 Toyota Avalons out there that can do the “Point A to Point B” stuff, reliably, before we can pull the trigger on something fun.

Cars like this are fun. But, if you finance, be prepared to meet your monthly payments every month. If you know you can’t and sign the finance terms anyway, you’re, like this guy, in for a world of hurt.

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