Put your phones down

Distracted driving, most drivers have done it at least once in their driving career. Even though we know how dangerous it is, we still do it anyway. These photos might put a stop to that nasty habit.

A distracted driver checking his smartphone narrowly escaped with his life earlier today (Dec 4, 2020.) According to Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin police, a Nissan Versa Driver slammed windshield first into a guardrail, as the photos show, the rail entering the front and exiting the rear hatch.

Check out the unbelievable photos for yourself below.

Details are light on the incident, but according to TMJ4News, the driver escaped with minor injuries. As you can see, if the driver veered inches towards the left, this accident could’ve turned out a lot different and I would not have the stomach to write this blog post.

Laws against distracted driving in Wisconsin have been in place since 2010. A distracted driving citation can cost a Wisconsin driver at least $188 before the inevitable court fees and taxes are applied.

While a hit to your wallet might deter some, what’s really frightening is the risk you take with your life and those around you.

Just three weeks ago, the MN Department of Public Safety released a video titled “Eight seconds: One fatal distraction” retelling the tragic story of a Wisconsin man taking his eyes off the road for eight seconds, distracted by his phone, and slamming into the back of a car stopped at an intersection. The driver in that stopped car, a husband and father to three, did not make it.

Distracted driving is a nasty habit but, like any bad habit, it can be broken. If you’re riding with friends, annouce, you’re trying to break this habit so they can keep you accountable. Good friends will help you out. If you’re alone, turn your phone off, or at the very least, silence it.


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