“Go back in your cage until the monkey controller gets here!” Are you serious?

Update- Mar. 18,2021- LAPD confirms former Detective John Motto is the ex-cop yelling racial slurs in the video.

Shocking witness video from Santa Clarita, California surfaced on social media earlier yesterday (Mar. 16,2021) showing the verbal altercation between a young black man in his Scion TC and a belligerent white couple in a lifted Dodge Ram.

The video starts moments after the supposed accident, the older white man asking the black man for identification. The situation turns racist when the white man hears the black man use the N-word and wrongfully assumes he now has permission to use that word in kind.

Here’s one of the better resolution videos circulating Instagram below. mirror here.

TC driver: “You’re being racist”
Ram driver: “Oh, you can say ****** and I can’t.
RD wife: “Go back to your car”
TC driver: “Are you effing serious?”
Stranger: “Walk away, brother. Just walk away.”
Ram Driver: “Go back in your cage until the monkey controller gets here.”
TC Driver: “Y’all here this ****, right?” x3
Ram Driver: “Are you going to take your ID out? Yes or no?”
TC Driver: “Y’all here this ****, right?”
Ram Driver:”Are you going to get your identification out? Yes or no?”
TC Driver: “You called me a ******,right?”
Ram Driver: “No, he started the ****** thing because he is the dumb ******.” Yeah, I said it second, right after you.
TC Driver: “Get the **** out of my face.”
Ram Driver: “Yeak, OK.”
RD wife: “John? John.”
Ram Driver: “You heard it again, right? The big N word came out of him. Are you going to get your ID out or am I going to have to call the sheriff?”
TC Driver: “Get the effing sheriff here, *****. It’s all your g.d. fault, any way.

While the identity of the Scion TC driver and the Dodge Ram driver’s wife haven’t been identified, the internet was out for justice, wanting to ID the Dodge Ram Driver.

Instagram user @Bloknessmonster, a teacher who works at the same school this alleged racist’s son attends, claims she knows exactly who “John” is in the video.

I’ve linked her statement, screenshot from the above video here.

And, linked here is a Getty Image of the alleged individual in question.

Santa Clarita police are tagged in Facebook and Instagram posts of this video and, as of this writing, no statement has been issued from any local authority on the matter.

Racism aside, according to California law, both drivers are supposed to exchange pertinent information, including

  • Name of driver;
  • Driver’s address;
  • Driver’s license number;
  • Vehicle identification number;
  • Address of the registered owner of the vehicle;
  • Proof of financial responsibility as specified in California Vehicle Code Section 16020.

However, this does not mean one driver can order another driver to show their driver’s license.

The Dodge Ram driver could’ve simply taken a photo of the Scion TC’s license plate and VIN affixed on the bottom of his windshield, and, if he so chose to, a photo of the driver seeing as they’re both in a public location. That information would’ve been enough for any competent police force to ID the driver after the fact.

My. 02

Traffic accidents and altercations with our fellow man are unfortunately moments when all decorum and human decency flies out of the window.

If this racist is allegedly who the internet says he is, then he has no excuse not knowing the history behind the word he used and how, under any circumstance, he should never use it. Not in private, not alone, not ever.

As a white man in America, that word should not even be in your vocabulary. Merely hearing another black person say it certainly does not give you any sort of permission to repeat it.

Based on the video, this Dodge Ram driver knew exactly what effect that word would have on this young black man.

All doubts about his intentions for ill intent were confirmed when he made that monkey statement.

It’s clear he realized he was in the wrong when, after he used that word for a third time, he pivoted to the situation being about, “showing his ID or not.”

I’ll update this blog post with developments as they come to my attention. Alternatively, if you have any relative comments or information, please leave them in the comments section below.

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