If you saw smoke billowing above Downtown Dallas on March 31, this is what that was.

According to the eye-on-DFW social media account @DallasTexasTV and their witness video submitted on Mar. 31, they alleged a new Tesla Model Y is the cause of a massive structure fire.

Electrek.co reports, five months after the fire additional evidence has come to light that exonerates Tesla and this Tesla Model Y as the fire’s origin.

A Tesla “hacker” obtained footage from the fire-damaged Tesla Model Y months after it was presumably sold for parts to its new owner.

The Model Y footage, posted below, shows the fire originating outside of the vehicle.

In addition, the hacker posted a photo of the undamaged battery pack. If this Tesla Model Y was the source of said fire, there would be evidence of destroyed battery cells scorched after self-destructing.

First, here’s video that went viral a couple of months ago including a handful of tweets.

And here’s proof this Tesla Model Y was not the cause.

According to @YealMattyJ, the first video’s original owner in response to claims this Tesla never caught fire,

“There are ash marks to the right of the garage door, which must have gotten there from the fire. Based on the hole in the roof, it appears the fire was on the right side of the garage, and the water from putting the fire out washed away the missing ash you reference.”

“Video was taken after the fire, and based on the roof damage you can infer the car was moved out of the garage after being contained, which is probably a good idea considering the likely cause.”

Others on Twitter guessed correctly that this Tesla Model Y had nothing to do with this fire.

It’s easy to believe the popular narrative. Teslas catching fire is sensational news.

Without 100 percent proof, it’s just assuming.

Thankfully, in this case, someone was bright enough to get conclusive evidence thanks to Tesla’s sentry camera technology.

Correction Aug 27,2021- An earlier version of this blog post reported on a story from @DallasTexasTV alleging this Tesla Model Y was the source of a Dallas house fire.

I’ve included conclusive video evidence obtained from the Model Y exonerating this particular Model Y and Tesla as cause of the fire.

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