Unsurprisingly, the Camry driver told the CHP a different version compared to this video evidence.

While road rage is endemic the world over, California road rage is particularly crazy. Case in point, this road raging Toyota Camry driver caught on dash cam.

Vacaville resident Denise Acosta shared a video from her dashcam earlier last week (Apr. 14, 2021) showing a Toyota Camry driver on I-80 near Vacaville road raging with the driver of a Hyundai.

The coup de grâce of the incident comes when the Camry feints hitting the Hyundai’s driver’s side but over-corrects into the highway barrier.

Check out the video for yourself below. mirror here.

Keep in mind, Acosta, although feet from the road raging, isn’t part of the incident.

The clip kicks off with the Camry driver coming up on the Hyundai, hard, from behind, a move meant to simulate an impending crash. The Hyundai driver lightly taps his brakes (brake check) but the Camry driver speeds up, almost grazing the Hyundai’s rear bumper.

We see the Camry driver pull up next to the Hyundai, presumably to shout some expletives and give the Hyundai driver the bird. He then steers hard into the Hyundai to further intimidate him but, when he corrects back to his lane, he oversteers out of control, bouncing into the barrier and across traffic out of frame.

A screen grab taken seconds after the clip shows a semi travelling along in the right-most lane. Had the Camry swung back into traffic, the semi would’ve easily collided with the Camry.

Acosta commented,

“My husband called 911 immediately (after the incident) and the vehicle (Camry) did come to a stop in the field. They didn’t appear to have collided with anything in the process.”

Facebook user Vicki Richard, who has some insider knowledge with local police, informed the “Vacaville Community & Crime info” group that CHP is aware of this video.

Richard added the Camry driver told police a version of what happened but,

“What was told to the officer after this accident definitely does not coincide with what actually happened.”

Matthew Williams, another local witness commenting on a separate incident, remembers that same exact Camry pulling something similar a few months back.

“That car used the same maneuver on me a few months ago! I filed a report with the CHP. Please, forward my information to investigators.”

With slam dunk video evidence like this, it’s only a matter of time before police charge this Camry driver with vehicular assault tied to road rage.

As per Shouse Law,

“…If the angry driver threatens or attempts to apply force to another driver or pedestrian, and the other person reasonably believed that the acts of the driver would directly and probably result in the application of force to that person and the driver actually had the ability to do so, they could be charged with assault.”

Anger on the road is a normal reaction. What isn’t acceptable is when you take that anger out on your passengers and other drivers.

If you ever find yourself on this level of road rage, seek help.

And, if you encounter road rage like this, what the Hyundai did is correct. Do not engage.

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