It looked a lot like two Civic Type R’s…until you get a closer look

This Civic Type R owner and her boyfriend are counting their lucky stars after a horrific accident ripped her Honda Civic Type R literally in two. According to witness video shared by Denver resident Vincent Nieto earlier today (July 3, 2021) a Honda Civic Type R lies in shambles near W Jewell Ave and Federal, its unibody structure literally split in two from top to bottom.

Check out the video for yourself below.

According to Renee Gutierrez-Martinez, the mom of the Honda Civic Type R owner who showed up in the video’s comments,

“This is my daughter’s car! She is okay and we are at the hospital now.” says Guiterrez-Martinez. “They were waiting at the light to go and another car went and hit them so they swerved and hit the pole.”

Further down in the comments, Kevin Acosta, the boyfriend, who was driving his girlfriend’s Civic Type R, corroborates what his girlfriend’s Mom said.

“I was just getting food with my lady and some older guy that shouldn’t be driving decided to turn left as I’m going straight in front of him causing me to get off road and eat the light pole.”

“We got T-boned by an older gentleman turning eastbound on Federal and Jewell as I was headed northbound on Federal. (The collision) made our vehicle hit the light pole and snap in half. God is good.”

“He (the older gentleman) walked off fine, minimal damage to his car as I did my best not to hurt anyone or anything, but, it all happened so fast. I’m just glad to be alive, still.”

Here are overhead photos of the crash location including the supposed direction of travel of Acosta in the Civic Type R (red arrow) and the other vehicle (black arrow.)

These types of accidents where another driver does something unpredictable, you can, unfortunately, never really plan for. What you can do is keep your head on a swivel, stay alert at all times behind the wheel, and make sure your car is in tip-top condition to handle anything life throws your way.

Like others have suggested and a possible silver lining is the engine’s probably salvageable since its FWD and looks to be intact. It’d be a shame to see one of Honda’s best engineered engines relegated to scrape.



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