Face masks are a great tool to stop the spread of infectious disease so, why wear one alone in your own car?

If you’ve driven anywhere in America recently, you’ve come across that one guy or girl, alone in their car, driving along with a face mask on.

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Most Americans understand it’s important to use them in crowded, indoor areas, so why wear a face mask alone in your own car?

And now that the face mask has become politicized in a way only the United States does best, seeing someone wearing a face mask, driving around, causes a sub-set of Americans to go absolutely nuts trying to figure out their rationale.

It turns out there are several good reasons people drive around with face masks on, with passengers or solo.

They’ve just come from or are going to a place where they need to wear one.

This is probably the most common case. A lot of mask wearers alone in their cars just came from work, a grocery store, or other crowded area where they needed to wear a face mask.

Most people running errands need to go to over one indoor area so, keeping a face mask on between locations is just…easier.

If the distance between two place is short, it would behoove you to keep it on.

Then you have the absentminded who, rather than risk forgetting to put on a face mask, simply don one on before they head out the door.

They know they have a tendency to forget one so, driving off with one already on ensures they’ll have one on before they’re confronted by a store employee or co-worker.

It’s cold. Face masks make good face warmers.

A lot of new face masks wearers discovered that they warm, humid environment they’ve created in front of their mouth, while inconvenient in spring and summer, can be useful when it gets colder.

It takes a good five to ten minutes for these newer cars to get a nice and toasty interior in the middle of winter. So, while drivers wait for their cars to warm up, you may see some of them wearing a face mask for those first few driving minutes.

They’re an Uber or delivery driver

Ridesharing isn’t going away anytime soon and is a quick and convenient way to earn quick cash.

That being said, Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare drivers need to pick up dozens of strangers a day to make it worthwhile.

Their respective parent company’s all mandate drivers and passengers, wear face masks while operating.

Instead of masking and re-masking between passengers, many rideshare drivers just keep their face masks on while on the clock.

The same rationale goes for delivery drivers, Amazon or not. Delivery drivers are considerate enough not to contaminate your packages. A face mask is a great way to stop that from happening.

To avoid touching your own mouth and nose.

An unfortunate way to get an infectious disease like the flu or COVID-19 is to constantly touch your own mouth and nose.

Some people habitually touch their own face and, rather than risk that, would rather wear a face mask as much as they can before they can wash and properly sanitize their hands.

Wearing a face mask alone in their car is to protect themselves…from themself.

Face masks give solo drivers a bit more privacy

Want to sing alone in your car and not look like a total loon? Face masks have opened up a whole new world of in-car singing for the conscious and shy singers among us.

Sing your heart out with a face mask on. If your windows are up, other drivers are none the wiser.

And, just like tinted windows, face masks make you that much less recognizable.

People have their reasons why they don’t want to be recognized so, face masks are a great way to add a level of anonymity to your business.

To irritate drivers who use the word “sheeple.”

OK, that’s not really a reason but, it brings up a point.

It’s hilarious how wearing a face mask alone in your own car is even a point of contention for so many people.

If you’re so irritated at the site of a solo driver with a face mask on, ask yourself, “Why am I so ticked off at what they’re doing if it has zero effect on my day?”

Face masks. They’re here to stay, in cars and everywhere else.

Get used to it or stay mad.

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