SFPD were not playing around

San Francisco police sprang into action responding to reports of another smash-and-grab robbery, this time at a Louis Vuitton store in Union Square earlier last Friday (Nov 19, 2021.)

Although presumably dozens got away in a robbery that took minutes, SFPD arrived in time to catch a handful trying to flee.

One witness video posted on Twitter from @Carlitosguey shows the police employ an unorthodox method to stop a driver from getting away.

Check out the video for yourself below.

Compared to fleeing on foot, the chances of a successful getaway increase once you get into a getaway car.

Giving chase on foot, San Francisco police know there’s a window of opportunity between the time a thief gets to their car and when they can actually get away.

Even with remote start, you still need to get in, shift into drive, and quickly evaluate the best route for a speedy getaway.

As seen in the video, San Francisco police employ a “smash all the windows” technique to blind a fleeing driver’s field of view.

The first officer to reach the Mustang smashes out the rear window to stun the driver, distracting them for a few seconds. He then focuses his baton on the windshield, the others taking out the driver and passenger side windows.

Tempered auto glass does not shatter like regular glass and, instead, cracks into thousands of tiny pieces, held together by a layer of laminate between two sheets.

The risky method works, blinding the driver long enough for an SFPD Crown Victoria to block their exit and also allowing officers access to the fleeing driver.

Had they gotten there a few seconds later, the driver probably would’ve gotten a jump on the chase, making a successful detaining harder.

CBS Local reports several suspects have been arrested in connection with this robbery.

This robbery is one of a handful of organized retail thefts involving multiple cars and suspects that plagued the Bay Area this weekend.

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  1. Just one thing. You’re confusing laminated glass (usually the windshield) and tempered glass used in side windows. The tempered glass is produced in a way that pre-stresses it, and when it manages to break, it will almost always break into hundreds or thousands of tiny pieces where it’s nowhere near as dangerous as broken shards. The windshield is made of sandwich of glass and plastic laminate. It will hold together, although the outside layer of glass obviously started showering pieces when broken.


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