What would you do with a Dodge Viper engine…or 10?

“Dodge Viper Buy & Sale, Cars Parts, & Info” Facebook group member Timothy Kyle Bomar posted an epic listing for a lot of 10, mostly complete, generation one Dodge Viper engines.

Bomar priced them at $3,000-3,500 each but hinted at a package deal if you bought more than one.

If you’re reading this blog post, it’s too late to buy any of the engines because days after his listing went up, someone swooped in and bought the whole lot.

Regardless, here’s a screenshot of the listing and the photo of the nest of V10s below.

Facebook listing for 10 Dodge Viper engines

Group members expressed their concerns these might be warranty engines, rife with problems.

” I have over 30 engines in total. I just dropped a gen 3 in a SRT truck a few weeks ago and it runs perfect,” said Bomar

“Some could be warranty yes, but some were test engines from what I was told.”

As most know, SRT, under Dodge, ended Viper production in 2017. Although replacement parts aren’t particularly hard to come by, they soon might be.

Stellantis certainly isn’t making or supporting V10s. It’s probably a smart move to snap up any Viper V10s that come on the market.

One look at this engine’s tail of the tape, and it’s no wonder someone quickly made a deal happen.

Gen 1 Viper V10s are 8.0L (488 cu in) engines with a fairly “simple” two valve per cylinder, pushrod design.

Although Dodge trimmed the fat with an aluminum alloy block and head, this modern muscle car engine weighed at least 711 pounds.

Power at the crank is 400 HP and 465 lb-ft.

Those power numbers might not seem impressive today, even a regular Ecoboost F-150 makes more than a Viper, but, in the early 90s, those were mind-blowing numbers.

Comedian and car guy Jay Leno calls his ’93 Viper a torque monster, and rightfully so.

I wouldn’t buy all ten but, if I was in the position to drop some money on some V10s, I’d buy at least two.

Then, I’d source a cheap Dodge Viper (if I can even find one,) would restore it to a driveable condition, and just enjoy it, knowing I have a spare engine at home.

I’d flip the other engine, collect a tidy sum, and use that money to buy a gas card because, at 12 MPG, these V10s are thirsty.

What would you do with a Dodge Viper V10? Let me know in the comments below!

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