You won’t believe what this Tesla was tandeming with.

Think Bay Area sideshow, and electric vehicles don’t come to mind. One Tesla is putting that misconception to the test. San Jose sideshow participant @Ponyboy_408 started off his New Year by sharing a midday tandem going down between an F-body Camaro and a Tesla Model 3.

Here’s the Instagram link and the video below.

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“Nothing but good vibes this year,” Ponyboy_408 commented. Let’s get it.

In the video, we can see dozens of sideshow spectators lining this San Jose residential street, watching these two hooligans go at it. As far as sideshows go, this is one of the smaller ones, the larger ones would have participants and spectators blocking the intersection from all sides.

If it wasn’t already apparent this is the Bay Area, the Tesla drifting should be a massive hint. Only in California are you going to find a Tesla Model 3 owner wild enough to bring their EV down to a sideshow.

As one commenter put it, “Dam*, they’re gentrifying the sideshows now!”

The answer to the question on everyone’s minds is yes, Teslas can drift. It’s widely known, thanks to Track Mode, Tesla’s pricier Performance trim level Model 3s can easily turn stability control off and shift power only to the rear tires for an unofficial drift mode.

And, even if you don’t have the performance trim, Tesla owners are aware of a workaround that involves unplugging speed sensors and disabling over-the-air updates. The exact details are left as an exercise to any curious Tesla owners reading this.

Thankfully there was at least one of the usual sideshow suspects there(cheap RWD muscle car) as only one Tesla carrying the show is just a bunch of tire squeals.

EV owners wanting to hit up the sideshows should know, drifting is highly taxing on the battery pack and, if you decide to slide on a low battery, you might not have enough charge to run away from police.


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