It turns out, they’re not technically chips at all.

If there’s one habit Han Seoul-Oh, played by Sung Kang, from The Fast and the Furious movie series is known for, it’s constantly snacking on camera. For the longest time, blogs and fans of Han only threw out best guesses on what exactly he was snacking on.

Now we know.

Kazuya Taguchi, Pro-drifter and friend to Kang, knew what kind of chips Kang snacks on in the movie, bought him a pack, and gifted it to Kang when they were hanging at Willow Springs.

Thankfully, someone from the @WeAreStudentDrivers IG account was filming and shared the moment on one of their most recent post.

Not only do we see the actual snack, we get even more insight how it evolved to that specific type of chips.

Check out the post for yourself below.

“These are the actual chips that I used in the movie, “Kang says. “It evolved into this because when I did Tokyo Drift they didn’t have these set, I was just grabbing peanuts and cashews, so I was just grabbing whatever I could, putting it in my pocket.”

“And then as it evolved, I thought We should have real Japanese snacks. This has the best consistency to be able to toss in to your mouth.”

So, Kang doesn’t actually say what snack it is, but I DM’d Taguchi, and he replied, sharing the snack brand with me.

Here it is.

Han from The Fast and the Furious snacks on Kameda Seika Kakinotane Rice Crackers with peanuts.

You can actually see Han holding a pack from this screenshot below.

And here again for Han’s hero card for Fast 9.

“Kakinotane is popular rice cracker with peanuts in Japan. It is often chosen as a nibble for Sake.”

There are two parts to Kaki no tane, Senbei (soy flavored rice crisps, those moon shaped things) and peanuts. You’ve probably already seen those rice crisps if you’ve munched on a pack of assorted Japanese snack crackers and peanuts…are peanuts.

If you’re lucky enough to live near a Japanese market, you can probably find this exact brand in the snack aisle. Otherwise, expect to pay a premium buying them online.

If you just want the Han snacking experience and don’t care about the brand, you can probably find a cheaper Kakinotane snack cracker in your local grocery store’s Asian-themed aisle, too.

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