Here’s further proof to take it easy on this particular stretch of I-95

Redditor Vbloc was travelling in the left-most lane of I-95’s pair of Express Lanes near Miami, FL earlier yesterday (Feb 22, 2022) and happened to observe a tailgater in a Hyundai Sonata driving right up the bumper of a pick-up truck with trailer.

With dash-cam running, he caught the terrifying moment the Sonata driver, fed up with how slow the truck in front of her was travelling, made a hasty lane change without looking. With a Dodge Ram fast approaching in the other lane, you can guess what happens next.

Check out his dashcam video gone viral on the /r/idiotsincars subreddit below.

Here’s the location on Google Maps.

On the dashcam video, we can see Vbloc and everyone else in his lane is travelling at 55 MPH. They’re actually travelling the posted speed limit but, like most freeways, traffic around them, including the non-express lanes, is travelling at least 5 MPH faster.

By paying a toll, express lanes are theoretically supposed to be faster. But, real life doesn’t take into account those unknown variables. It’s probably the source of this tailgater’s frustration.

The Sonata driver assumes there’s no one approaching in the other lane and pulls a lane change plus signal combo without properly checking her mirrors.

The video speaks for itself.

“For those of you upset at the guy with the trailer “camping”, totally understand this however this is a short stretch of road on the express lanes just coming off a single lane on the left” Tbloc explains in a lengthy comment.

“Typically, drivers like myself who take the express all the way to Miami stay in the left as the right lane is the exit lane a short distance from where the video ended. Not much he could do tbh.”

Tbloc then explains what he did after the crash.

“I briefly stopped to make sure no one had any super serious injuries. The gentleman in the white truck definitely had at least a concussion. Unfortunately, my wife is in the hospital, so I could not pull over and wait.”

“I have reached out to FHP to provide them the footage and I am waiting to hear back.”

If there are takeaways here, it’s that proper lane change signaling and lane change technique matters.

Even before you check your mirrors to change lanes, putting on your blinkers as soon as possible alerts drivers around you what you are going to do. You need to do this BEFORE you start changing lanes.

After signaling your intent, then you can check your rearview mirror, side view mirror and take a glance over your shoulder.

If the Sonata driver took three beats to signal before pulling out, it would’ve given the Ram driver enough time to react and to slow down to anticipate her lane change.


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