The best mid-size truck in the world can’t conquer a small dirt hill when there’s a rookie driver behind the wheel.

This Toyota Tacoma owner’s brought great shame to the Toyota off-roading community. Redditor /u/Red_hat_oops posted up a dashcam video from his Subaru of an impatient Toyota Tacoma owner failing to negotiate the smallest of dirt embankments.

Instead of waiting it out in a traffic jam, this Tacoma owner decides to head for the nearby exit, separated by a dirt embankment, merely feet away. But, with an empty bed, no traction, and zero off-roading skills, this Tacoma fails epically.

Check out the video for yourself below.

As one Redditor points out, this Tacoma is a Pre-Runner model which means, despite not being equipped with 4×4 capabilities, does have the four-wheeler’s suspension, tough 4×4 exterior design, all-terrain tires, and an available V6.

Also, with an optional locking rear diff, which this Tacoma owner either doesn’t have or doesn’t know how to engage, the Pre-Runner, in credit to its namesake, is a light and capable factory off-roader.

But, despite all that off-roading potential, as we can see, all that legendary Tacoma capability was for naught.

With power only going to the rear wheels, with one wheel spinning in the dirt and the other wheel pawing at the ground with an unladen bed, it’s a recipe for going nowhere real fast.

If you’re wondering if he ever made it, he didn’t.

“After another 5-6 attempts, he leaned out of his window and asked me to back up,” Red_hat_oops comments.

“The guy behind me also heard, so we squeezed over just enough for him to get into the shoulder and back up to a much less steep part. Traffic started moving again after 3-4 more minutes.”

Let this be a lesson to new off-roaders and Tacoma owners who just drove off the dealership lot, before you attempt the slightest of off-roading, it’s good to know what equipment you actually have.

And, before you try any off-roading stunts on a whim, trying out all your off-roading goodies to see if you have any idea how to use it all when the going gets tough will probably save you from embarrassment.

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