Nothing was stopping this deadset legend from getting this boat to wherever he was going.

Facebook user Christoper Jacoby shared an unbelievable video yesterday (May 22, 2022) taken while he was stuck at an intersection in El Cajon, California (San Diego County) showing a man in a motorized mobility chair making a left-hand turn with an entire boat attached to his chair.

This deadset legend, undisturbed that his mobility scooter only has a top speed barely above walking speed, couldn’t care less that he was blocking traffic.

Check out Jacoby’s video for yourself below.

Jacoby shot the video at the intersection of Graves Ave and Bradley Ave, Google Maps link here.

“What in the f***ing world is this?” Jacoby comments.

“Holy S****. Dude is holding up traffic, towing a boat. He’s trying to get over! Hahahaha.”

A zoom-in on the makeshift tow hitch he’s fashioned for himself to the back of his chair, and it’s safe to assume he’s probably done this before.

This is probably not the first time he’s done this.

The trailer plus the boat and this chair has to be towing upwards of 1,200 pounds.

Meant to handle a single person weighing as much as 350 pounds, this guy has to be maxing out the capabilities of that poor motorized chair.

While it’s technically legal to operate motorized scooters up to 30 MPH on California roads, there are certain scooter specific restrictions like wearing a helmet and carrying liability insurance.

I doubt he’s insured himself accordingly.

Despite the optics of this looking downright illegal, a cursory read through of towing laws in California and it looks like everything this guy is doing is mostly on the up-and-up.

CVC 24604 says any load that projects over four feet behind the tow vehicle must have taillights and, while this boat might have said taillights, I doubt he’s rigged it so every time he brakes they light up.

Safety aside, it’s still quite an impressive feat.

This is not the first time this level of motorized buffoonery has happened, far from it.

The Daily Mail reports of a man in a mobility scooter in the South Coast of England towing out a small dinghy from Ryde Marina back in July 2020.

Followed by three men in life-jackets, this feat of mobility scooter towing strength was meant for the parking lot only.

UPI reported of an Australian man in 2018 who, because of a suspended license, tried to use a mobility scooter to tow a fairly large boat from his home to the harbor.

He never made it, pulled over by police shortly after being spotted.

Towing anything several times the weight of your tow vehicle is just a recipe for disaster.

But, if you have zero f***s to give, no one but the police is going to stop you.

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