“I just got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer,” the woman claims.”

If you’re here from Instagram, Reddit or Twitter looking for more information on this incident, at the moment I know just as much as you!

Instagram user and self-proclaimed Orange County reporter Chad Towersey shared smartphone footage taken while driving showing a woman in an Audi SUV barreling down the 405 with only three wheels.

His video, as you’re about to see, shows this woman’s Audi driving down this OC freeway with the passenger wheel completely sheered off, sparks flying as the Audi’s brake components grind into asphalt.

Check out his video shared on Twitter below. (mirror here and here.)

“What the heck is going on right here?” the man shooting the video wonders. “This person’s sparking, all doors open, I cannot believe this guy’s car is going down the 405 freeway but he’s making it happen here.”

Unbeknownst to the him, it’s not actually a he but a she behind the wheel.

As he pulls next to her vehicle he tries his best to get her attention which, as the video shows, he successfully does.

The woman is seen calmly driving along with her hands at 10 and 2, oblivious to the carnage and potential danger she’s leaving in her wake.

The video then cuts as he follows her off the freeway into Irvine.

She comes to a complete stop at the intersection of Quail Hill Pkwy and Passage. after, according to the witness, crashing into a VW Tiguan.

She crashed into this VW Tiguan coming off the 405.

“Miss,” he asks her. “Get out of the car. Are you on drugs right now?”

“No,” she responds. “My car gave out, I had somebody help me before and apparently the brake did not stop.”

He convinces her to get out of the driver’s seat and zooms in on her front seat showing what looks like two pink pills.

Medication of some sort?

“She almost hit you, bro,” Another witness in a Toyota Sienna says. “She was driving 80!”

He then pans over to the rear of her Audi where he can see a blown tire where her spare tire normally would be.

The lady gets emotional and confesses to the man,

“I’m so sorry, I just got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.”

“I just got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer,” she says.

Enough witnesses stay at the scene until Irvine police show up to secure the area, assess the damage and to get this woman’s full story.

What happened?

How I understand the timeline of events, she apparently got a good Samaritan to swap on her spare wheel after, as she states, “The brake did not stop.” This reads to me like her brake seized causing her tire to grind to its cords, eventually going flat.

Since whoever swapped on her spare wheel did not actually fix the real problem, she just drove off with the spare wheel which would eventually also go flat, not a matter of if but when.

If this woman was also under the influence of something, as this man alleges, she probably never noticed her spare wheel going flat, sheering off the studs, and her Audi slumping to towards the passenger side.

And if she was really of sound mind and body, as she maintains, it’s hard to believe she wouldn’t have noticed that something’s seriously wrong with her Audi.

KTLA has since picked up the story but has provided no new information.

I also have no updates on this truly weird and possibly unfortunate (re her alleged cancer) incident that went down in Orange County but, when I find out more information I’ll update this blog post accordingly.


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