The truth is, like all these other green and white plug-in fuel savers, they don’t work and are a 100 percent waste of your hard-earned dollars.

A reader alerted me to yet another green and white OBD2 dongle you plug into your car that promises to increase your vehicle’s horsepower & torque while saving money at the gas pump.

It’s called Ecobeem and the product and even the website is an exact copy of all the other green and white OBD2 dongles that do absolutely nothing and certainly don’t deliver on their promises.

Just look at all the other exact copies of Ecobeem I’ve blogged about by checking out my list of blogs on OBD2 dongles here.

If you’re new to Ecobeem, here exactly why you should be 100 percent skeptical about its claims and should definitely not buy it.

Ecobeem’s website, a fly-by-night operation and a copy of others like it.

The first red flag is Ecobeem’s website. When I say it’s an exact copy of other websites, it literally is!

Check out then check out Notice any similarities? That’s right! They’re exactly the same website, except someone’s replaced “-plus” with “-beem.”

Here’s a side-by-side of their front pages, how bold of them. is a copy of

And here’s a screenshot of the domain name’s details, whoever registered literally bought the site and copy-and-pasted all the information onto it earlier this year in August.

Ecobeem, looks like another fly-by-night fuel saver device company, for sure.

It’s not some sort of established company with a product and reputation you should trust, it’s an internet website set up to do one thing only, take your money in exchange for a product that does, as mentioned, nada.

How Ecobeem ACTUALLY works, or rather, doesn’t.

Ecobeem claims their OBD2 dongle will read your ECU map, learn your driving habits, and upload an improved ECU map to improve your car’s performance and enhance your car’s fuel efficiency.

As dissected and debunked by other car YouTubers before me, all these green and white dongles do is play a clever-looking, pre-programmed sequence of LED lights to make you think there’s ECU activity and re-mapping going on when, in reality, all it’s doing is playing a light show every time you start your car.

By tearing apart similar, if not the same, OBD2 devices, they’ve reverse-engineered and technically proven by looking at the actual chip and wiring schematic, that there is nothing in the chip (Ecobeem or otherwise) that talks to or remaps your ECU.

Since these Ecobeem-type OBD2 dongles cannot talk to and remap your ECU, there’s literally no re-programming going on.

As I’ve said before, what Ecobeem and others who sell these devices don’t want you to know is these green and white OBD2 dongles are available for wholesale on Chinese sites like, Temu, Alibababa and etc. for as little as $3/piece.


All they do is take your $45 and send you the $3 OBD2 dongle, pocketing the $42 profit and selling you, as mentioned, an absolutely bogus so-called “fuel saver.”

In reality, all it does is drain your battery, so, if you actually bought one of these, make sure you unplug it when you shut your car off unless you want to wake up to a dead battery.

How much one of these Ecobeem’s costs

With that said, definitely do not buy this Ecobeem fuel saver or any other of this type of fuel saver that promises performance and MPG savings but doesn’t provide proof (back-to-back tests, actual technical papers, and dyno tuning) to back it up.


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