Not only is the source of the rumor just that, a rumor, it never even mentioned putting the N Vision 74 Coupe into production, anyway.

In mid-July ’22, Hyundai unveiled radical new, N Performance division concepts as part of its N Day festivities. The one concept that stole headlines was the Hyundai N Vision 74, a rear-wheel drive couple powered by electric motors driven by a storage battery and a hydrogen fuel cell that really showcased Hyundai’s design and engineering prowess.

And earlier this week, according to South Korean News Money Today and subsequently cited and re-reported by dozens of other car news outlets, they claimed that Hyundai will mass produce a production version of a revived Pony Coupe, presumably taking styling cues from the N Vision 74 Concept, itself a reinterpretation of the Pony Coupe concept from 1974.

Hyundai would supposedly announce it on N Day 2023 on May 27.

Not gonna’ happen, folks.

But now, according to an /r/Cars member and Seoul resident /u/HahaBigHemiV8GoVroom, who fact-checked this rumor by calling Hyundai Motor Studio Seoul to reserve his spot for this supposed N-Day on May 27, a studio rep informed him “the news was fake and that the facility (HMSS) will actually be closed until June 7th.”

A photo of the main caption is below, and the thread is linked here.

“Numerous other news sources such as Top Gear and Motor1 have reported this news as well,” OP says in the comments.

“But, all of them point to the original Korean news article as their source. Afaik there is no official claim from Hyundai themselves about putting the car into production or unveiling it anytime soon.”

Another Redditor familiar with the Korean Car Community says there hasn’t been much talk about a production Pony Coupe re Money Today’s article.

“…the Korean car communities made no big deal of the original article at all,” says /u/SignFang.

“I also hope N74 to be produced, but I highly doubt it.

If you were expecting Hyundai to make a new Pony Coupe that has hints of the N Vision 74 Concept that might find its way to the United States, I wouldn’t count on it.

Then again, this is just a guy who claims to have called Hyundai Motors Studio Seoul, itself probably not privy to the super secret, yet-to-be announced news Hyundai might have up its sleeves.

We’ll have to wait and see as this supposed announcement is less than three weeks away.


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